PTI government gets people immune to crisis

PTI government gets people immune to crisis

Pak Chronicle Report


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) led government has successfully trained or made the citizens immune to bear consequences of some crisis very patiently in its almost one and half year term.

It has been the countrywide precedent like thing in the history of Pakistan that people took to streets when they thought something’s happening was not in their favour. The government some decisions have also been prompting them to register their protest on some issues.

The electricity or natural gas loadshedding, the issue of supply of water, essential commodities price hike, surprised surge in the prices of medicines, worsening law and order somewhere or other matters have been the serious cause of marking protest demonstrations by public in the country.

The recent wheat-flour crisis could not motivate some prominent or even less prominent protest demonstration in the country anywhere despite the severity of the issue.

The flour is everybody needs and its price hike badly affects common folk’s lives.

The government may take credit of making people immune to crisis but isn’t this phenomenon the reflection of the possibility that the people strength to mark protest has been badly shattered or broken in the present circumstances.

The recent crisis of flour has made the life of general public miserable and there is no doubt about this fact.

If only 10kg of flour is being purchased against more than right hundred rupees just imagine how a labourer or a farmer or ordinary citizen can afford. The irony of the time is that the rulers are not acting as seriously to control the great hike in prices of routine articles.

The government led by Imran Khan has given no future plans to control the hike and availability of flour and other edible items so living of poor man could be ensured in present times.

The government seems busy in settling old scores against its political opponents. Instead of addressing issues seriously it is accusing opponents of making false accusations on political matters. If hike is not checked and controlled it can lead a great social crisis and a setback in future, the observer express their fears.

According to an observer there might be a conspiracy against the government to misguide it regarding the actual hike and social unrest that could finally lead a revolt against the government.

Its bitter reality that the government’s spokesmen are not taking common citizens woes seriously and it seems other issues got more prominence in their eyes instead of real issues.

They think highlighting the ‘performance’ of CM Punjab, Usman Buzdar’s in the mainstream media is more important than other issues.

They seem to be believing that Buzdar’s presence in the office is CM is an important issue for the public. However, it’s not the case.

Buzdar may be a Wasim Akram plus find of Prime Minister, Imran Khan, as is claimed in some quarters, but people got some genuine issues which are inviting attention of the government. They want redressal of their issues by the government and mere lip service won’t be bringing positive change in the lifestyle of common citizens.

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