Coal price surge fails to make any impression

Coal price surge fails to make any impression

Pak Chronicle Report

Wholesalers and retailers increase coal price arbitrary in harsh chill weather

Pak Chronicle Report

Amid a lot of happenings and news reporting in Pakistan concerning worsening of Pakistan-India bilateral relations, the essential commodities unprecedented price hike, a few acts of terrorism in the country and a lot of other more important happenings, there is no mentioning of coal price hike anywhere especially in the mainstream media.

There is no talk of it anywhere. Even only the fewer citizens know about it and it seems even it is not even an issue in the presence of many other chronic matters.

There is wheat flour crisis in Pakistan due to mismanagement and there is also talk of involvement of a provincial government minister into this effect.

MQM’s convener Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui has resigned as the federal minister and the PTI led government is making all out efforts to appease him as MQM detachment from the coalition government may seriously threat the majority of PTI in the House of the Parliament.

The harsh weather is causing a lot of causalities in Pakistan and the PM is also tweeting about it to acknowledge it severity.

However, recent coal’s price hike is nowhere to be seen because it an issue of persons who either live in mountainous areas where access of media is very limited or they live in cities and need coal but they got no access to mainstream media.

A few weeks ago the coal price in wholesale market in Rawalpindi was Rs60 per Kg. Just around 10 days ago it surged by Rs10 and now it has registered Rs20 hike as it is being sold at Rs80/kg.

This is pertinent to mention here that there are some house units in Rawalpindi where gas is either unavailable or the dwellers are facing its loadshedding and they are forced to use alternative means of fuel to keep their houses warm in this chilled weather.

These consumers besides using LPG gas-cylinder also use coal-fired heater-vessel to keep themselves warm. However, its price hike is forcing them at the moment to think about other means of warming as it is going beyond their means.


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