Hareem Shah in the spotlight again for all the wrong reasons

The picture of Hareem Shah which is taken from online resouces.

Hareem Shah in the spotlight again for all the wrong reasons

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Pakistani social media sensation Hareem Shah is in the limelight again due to all the wrong reasons. She has become a top trend in Pakistan on social media platforms due to another of her viral  video which is obscene in nature.

Tiktoker Fiza Hussain who is primarily known as Hareem Shah has been hit by another viral leaked video of her and she has become one of the most searched persons in Pakistan on the internet due to the latest viral video.


Hareem Shah’s picture which is taken from the internet

The social media sensation, Hareem Shah has been spotted having extremely private moments with an unidentified man on the social media platforms. She is being seen in compromising position under compromised circumstances.

the picture is taken from the online available sources.

Those who have seen this latest video state that the video in question is around 15 minutes long in which the man who is also capturing this video is keeping himself off the camera.

Featuring her in the video the person who is filming the immoral material has been keep asking her do this or that indecent thing. Initially the video shows her coming out of a room followed by the man.

The website could not find any reaction on this unverified private video by Hareem Shah and no one knows about the identity of the other person in the video. There is no clue as who has leaked this video of the social media sensation.

There are reports that some time back Hareem Shah left Pakistan and now she is dwelling in London.

Previously she has been involved in number of controversies in Pakistan ever since gaining popularity on Tiktok. She got a large online following on different social media platforms.



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