Interesting election symbols for PTI’s candidates

Interesting election symbols for PTI’s candidates

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) lost its case in the Supreme Court of Pakistan to continue to have bat as its party symbol to take part in the forthcoming general election.

The election are going to take place on February 8 and after the verdict of the apex court the candidates of the PTI were treated as independent candidates by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The ECP has issued some very unique and interesting election symbols to the candidates of the PTI who have been left with no other option but to take part in the general election as independent candidates despite having their affiliation with the PTI.

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The website has compiled constituency wise list of these election symbols for its readers.

⭕ NA 1:  Bottle as election symbol for Abdul Latif

⭕ NA 2:  Tea Kettle as election symbol for Dr. Amjad

⭕ NA 3: Chimta (PLIERS) for Saleemur Rehman as an election symbol

⭕ NA 4:  Goat for Sohail Sultan

⭕ NA 5:  Katwar for Sahibzada Sabghatullah

⭕ NA 7: Wicket for Muhammad Bashir Khan

⭕ NA-8: Watch for Gul Zafar Khan

⭕ NA-9: Racket for Junaid Akbar

⭕ NA-10: Chai Dan for Barrister Gauhar Ali Khan

NA-14: Daranti (sickle) for Salim Imran

⭕ NA-15: Daranti (sickle) as electoral symbol for Shahzada Gustasap

⭕ NA-19 Wheelchair for Asad Qaiser as an election symbol

⭕ NA-21: Dove (Fakhta in Urdu) for Mujahid Ali

⭕ NA-22: Daranti (sickle) for Mohammad Atif Khan

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⭕ NA-23: Dolphin Election symbol of Ali Muhammad Khan

⭕: NA 26 Ship as Electoral symbol Sajid Khan Mohmand

⭕ NA-27: Piala as an election symbol of Iqbal Afridi

⭕ NA 29:  Piala (bowl) for Arbab Amir Ayub

⭕ NA-30: Piala for Shandana Gulzar

⭕ NA 32: Hath Gadhi (pushcart) for Asif Khan

⭕ NA33: Printer FOR Shah Ahad Ali Khattak

⭕ NA-38: Karak for Shahid Ahmed

⭕ NA-39: Dove for Ali Shah

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⭕ NA-41:  Flamingo for Sher Afzal Marwat

⭕ NA-44:  Malka (Queen) for Sardar Ali Amin Gandapur

⭕NA-46: Baigan (Brinjal) for Aamir Mughal

⭕ NA-47: Fakhta (Dove) for Shoaib Shaheen

⭕ NA-48:  Parachute to Muhammad Ali Bukhari

⭕ NA-49: Bhair (Sheep) for Major Tahir Sadiq

⭕ NA-50: Water Turbine for Iman Tahir Sadiq

⭕ NA-51: Guitar for Latasab Sati

⭕ NA-52: Piyala (bowl) for Tariq Bhatti

⭕ NA-53: Charpai for Ajmal Sabir

⭕ NA-54: Dhol (Drum) for Malik Taimur Masood

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⭕ NA-55: Kettle for Muhammad Basharat Raja

⭕ NA-56: Minar (Minaret) for Shehryar Riaz

⭕ NA-57: Shahzadi (princess) for Samabiya Tahir

⭕ NA-58: Baja for Ayaz Amir

⭕ NA-59: Griyaal as an election symbol for Mohammad Ruman Ahmed

⭕ NA 64: Jahaz (airplane) for Rana Abbas

⭕ NA-66: Bowl for Ahmed Chhata

⭕ NA-70: Shower for Mubasher Maqsood Awan

⭕ NA-71: Jhoolay (swings) for Rehana Imtiaz Dar

⭕ NA-72: Ghriyaal for Amjad Bajwa

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⭕NA-73: Chamach (table spoon) for Ali Asjad Amlahi

⭕ NA-75: Charpai for Dr. Tahir Ali Javed

⭕ NA-83: Piyala (bowl) for Osama Ghiyas Mayala

⭕ NA-84: Darwaza (Door) for Malik Shafqat Awan

⭕ NA-85: Laptop for Mian Khudadad Kaliar

⭕ NA-86: Racket for  Muqdad Ali Baloch

⭕ NA-87: Bottle for Umar Aslam Awan

⭕ NA-88:  Charpai for Akram Khan Niazi

⭕ NA-89:  Bottle for Jamal Ahsan Niazi

⭕ NA-93 Bottle for Ghulam Muhammad Lali

⭕ NA-99: Pressure Cooker for Malik Umar Farooq



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