Pakistan election results 2024

Pakistan election results 2024

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Pakistan is heading towards another general election which are scheduled to take place on February 8 in which Pakistani public is going to choose their representatives for the National and the provincial assemblies.

As the PTI is almost out of these elections due to losing its battle to have its own election symbol which was denied by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, PML-N is optimistic to win majority of the seats in the National Assembly and Punjab Provincial Assembly.

The PPP, headed by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari doesn’t seem very much optimistic to show any surprise in the forthcoming election but there are strong chances that it would retain Sindh Assembly by forming government again over there.

It also seems that PTI’s candidates who have run their election campaigns as independent candidates, may also give surprise in the election. There are strong chances that they will win majority of the seats in KP. Most likey they may win around 50 or more seats in the National Assembly.

Pakistan election results 2024. The picture is taken from the internet.

Punjab would be the most crucial battle field for all the political parties in the general election. As PTI has been wiped out as the political party in this election, the PML-N believes that it would not only form government in Punjab but in the centre as well.

Generally in Balochistan, those political parties or the candidates win election who got right support in the right quarters. The PML-N is likely to win some seats over here along with its allies.

Another party JUF-F is likely to win some seats in KP and Balochistan.

Apparently, as the scenario suggests, PML-N will clinch around 100 seats for the national assembly and by the virtue of its allies it would be forming government in the centre. It would also form government in Punjab as well.

The PPP would form government in Sindh while PTI’s candidates would form government in KP. In Balochistan, PML-N will form government along with its allies.

The ground realities also suggest that no political party would be able to form government in the centre of its own. The magical figure of 172 which is the required number of seats to in the centre to form the government, would remain a dream for any political party.

A large number of independent candidates will make their way to the parliament and they will play important role in the future politics of the country.








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