Mr Qazi Faez Isa please don’t let luxurious vehicles be auctioned out

Mr Qazi Faez Isa please don’t let luxurious vehicles be auctioned out

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Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr Qazi Faez Isa has returned back two government luxurious vehicles which were at his disposal and he has asked the functionaries concerned to sell them out and spend the received money on the public transport.

In a letter written to Secretary Cabinet and Chief Secretary Punjab, the Registrar Supreme Court of Pakistan has stated that it has come into the knowledge of the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) that the apex court had purchased a bullet proof luxurious vehicle for the CJP on September 2020 which had price tag of Rs61 million.

According to the letter of the registrar, a brand new bullet proof vehicle was also given to the CJP by the government of Punjab.

Both these luxurious vehicles are currently parked at Supreme Court Rest House GOR Lahore, the letter maintained and added that these vehicles were given to the chief justice as relevant per rules and regulations.

However, the letter stated that Qazi Faez Isa isn’t using these vehicles and the usage of imported luxurious vehicles by public office holders is an undue burden on the national exchequer. The chief justice has issued directives that both these luxurious vehicles should be sold out and amount recovered from auctioning be spent on the public transport.

The measures of austerity like it seem quite attracting but literally they have proven harmful in most of the cases for the national exchequer. As a standard procedure these luxurious vehicles are most likely be sold out at throughway prices.

Meanwhile the chances are very high that the new luxurious vehicles would be imported for the next public office holder as there is provision of it in the rules and regulations.

Possible import of these vehicles would put severe pressured on the national exchequer as they would be more expensive in coming times due to rupee dollar parity issues.

Former premier Imran Khan was much found of austerity measures and he even sold buffalos which were being accommodated at the Prime Minister Palace which is commonly known as Prime Minister House.

These buffalos were supposed to be owned former premier Mian Nawaz Sharif. As circumstances suggest that Mian Nawaz Sharif would be the next premier, there is no guarantee that he will not think again to bring more buffalos to enjoy their pure milk and other dairy products.

During Imran’s era luxurious vehicles were also sold out to maintain austerity in the affairs of the government but the impact of it was never seen anywhere in the country.

Later on more luxurious vehicles were imported to satisfy the need of government officials and public office holders.

Imran Khan had also promised to turn PM House into a university and thanks to the circumstances that he couldn’t succeed in this campaign of him.

Just imagine what would have been the scenario if another government had deemed it necessary to have palace for the next premier. Billions of rupees were supposed to be allocated in the budget for this purpose and more taxes would have been levied on the downtrodden persons.

The honourable chief justice is requested that he should not ask for auctioning imported luxurious vehicles which are supposed to be under his use.

It’s quite okay if the vehicles remain unused and parked at the rest house and the next public office holder may use them if he/she needs so.

Overburdening the masses with heavy taxes for the sake of importing new luxurious vehicles would not be a fair option and let these vehicles be at the point where they are.


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