Justice Shahid Jameel Khan of LHC resigns

Justice Shahid Jameel Khan of LHC resigns

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Justice Shahid Jameel Khan of Lahore High Court (LHC) has submitted his resignation to the President of Pakistan while quoting personal reasons behind his sudden departure.

He was supposed to retire in 2029 but he preferred to resign as the judge of LHC due to personal reasons.

In his resignation letter Justice Shahid Jameel expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to serve as a Judge of the Lahore High Court for 10 years.

While invoking Article 206(1) of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973, he exercised his option to resign with immediate effect.

Justice Shahid Jameel Khan of LHC resigns, The copy of the resignation of Justice Shahid Jameel Khan.

“It was an absolute honor to hold the office, but for personal circumstances, I have decided to turn the page and start a new chapter. ‘An ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit,'” Justice Shahid wrote in his resignation letter.

An ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit:

‘An ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit,’ is an old proverb that emphases the importance of being careful in one’s action and words.

The picture of Dr Alama Iqbal which has been taken from the internet.

He also quoted some Urdu couplets of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal in his resignation letter.

These couplets highlights the treatment of a free person and that of a slave in their respective life spheres.

In these couplets the poet says that a person having free will enjoy the freedom and become accustomed to reality while the slave’s matters revolve around futility. The slaves await miracle to occur for them while the freeman is miracle in itself, these couplets further highlights.

Another picture of Dr Muhammad Iqbal. This picture is taken from the internet.

“Iqbal don’t ask for Individuality or Iness over here because they’re not suitable theories to ponder in the circumstances,” Justice quoted concluding couplet in his resignation.




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