Pakistan needs to contact Madagascar for Covid-19 herbal treatment

Pakistan needs to contact Madagascar for Covid-19 herbal treatment

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Reportedly relevant authorities in Madagascar have claimed to have found herbal treatment to cure Covid-19.

However, World Health Organization (WHO) is yet to approve or accept it as the remedy to treat patients suffering from Covid-19 or coronavirus.

Pakistan needs to contact Madagascar to import this treatment as it has nothing to lose on its part because of very limited resources the country has at the moment to win the war against the virus.

The virus is rapidly increasing in the country and instead to do nothing it would be far better to import it for treating patients suffering from coronavirus. It is the known fact that generally herbal medicines don’t cause side effects. Initially this herbal medicine may be used on experimental basis and if it proves to be effective then it usage should be allowed across the country.

Currently deaths caused by coronavirus in Pakistan are more than 850 while the total tally of patients who have been confirmed contracting the virus is around 40,000. Moreover, around 11,000 patients of coronavirus have already recovered from it.

In the meantime smart lockdown is in place in Pakistan which is practically no lockdown like thing. Rarely standard operating procedures (SOPs) are being followed and markets of major cities are crowded with people. So there would be no harm if herbal medicine of Madagascar is imported and it is used to treat the coronavirus affected persons.

Madagascar is an African country which has it’s an honorary consulate in Karachi

According to a renowned website Anadolu Agency Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina had slammed the WHO for not endorsing its Covid-19 herbal cure.

Last month, the Malagasy president officially launched Covid-Organics (CVO), an organic herbal concoction, claiming that it can prevent and cure patients suffering from the novel coronavirus, further stated the website.


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