Local Bodies’ representatives standing alongside citizens: Wasim Akhtar

Local Bodies’ representatives standing alongside citizens: Wasim Akhtar

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Karachi Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar on Tuesday said that local bodies’ representatives are also with the people in their difficult time and taking all-out efforts to resolve their issues.

Inaugurating “Tohfae Sheri” amongst the needy people in UC-11 Lines Area, the Mayor said that Khidmat e Khalq  (serving people) would continue, adding that they stood beside the people in the past and would continue standing in the future as well, said a press release issued by the media department of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC).

Chairman District Municipal Corporation East Moeed Anwar, Member Coordination Committee Furqan Ateeb, KMC’s Charged Parking Committee head Muhammad Mursaleen, Katchi Abadi Chairman Saad Bin Jaffer, UC-9 Chairman Asif Azeem and volunteers of Khidmat e Khalq Foundation were also present on the occasion.

The mayor said that Sehri is being provided to the residents and people who are in “Aitkaf” in different mosques from Khidmat e Khalq Foundation platform through Tohfae Sehri. He said that Ramadan is the month of blessings and its last 10 days demand us to serve the masses even more.

He said that Tohfae Iftar and Sehri program is being carried out in all towns. The volunteers who are serving the people are commendable. The KKF has restored its charity work and providing Iftar and Sehri at the people at their doorsteps. He said efforts have been taken to provide relief to the people hit by the Covid-19.

Akhtar said that business activities came to a halt due to coronavirus. Karachi had suffered a major blow and small traders and shopkeepers are protesting on closure of their activities. “The common people would get job opportunity only if the economy of Karachi flourishes,” he said and asked how the people would feed their families if business activities are halted.

Akhtar said that the Supreme Court gave relief to the small traders and labourers work in the markets and especially the wagers affiliated with different markets. He was of the view that instead of sealing the markets, the provincial government should have ensured implementation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) to protect jobs of the labourers.

Meanwhile, Fateha was offered deceased father of MQM-P Election Committee Member Shakeel Bhai, concluded the press release.



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