Pandemic generates little business for Abdullah

Pandemic generates little business for Abdullah

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Teenager Abdullah never went to school for education due to poverty restraints despite having strong desire for it and outbreak of pandemic, Coronavirus has compelled him to do little business on footpath by selling facemasks which are in high demand these days.

General public can’t afford expensive and quality facemasks and they prefer to purchase Rs20 or Rs30 facemasks which are being sold almost everywhere on Murree Road in Rawalpindi.

After a few days of outbreak of the pandemic her mother realized the potential of dealing in facemasks so she managed bunch of a few facemasks for Abdullah to sell them.

Despite being in business the little entrepreneur is very innocent and he is yet to acquire knowledge of marketing his merchandise. On the order of clients he will show them his stock of facemasks and only fewer clients would purchase these items from him.

However, this little clientele means a lot for him as it would help him to feed himself and his family.

“I generally sell Rs400 to Rs500 facemasks daily,” he replies to a question of this scribe. However, it is not evident for his reply as how the profit this kid would be as an average by the end of the day.

“I couldn’t sell a single facemask today,” he commented. He has setup his business on the boundary-wall of Liaquat Bagh Metro Station.

When this writer was leaving after a brief interview with Abdullah, the teenager inquired from it: “Are you rich or poor?”

Perhaps he was thinking to further continue the conversation. “I need some money to purchase books, “after little bit of hesitation he states innocently.



Abdullah is dealing with a customer


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