Death of a Tree at KPC


By Chronicler


Heavy dust storm that swept Karachi on April 14 also claimed firm and solid existence of an old tree, forcing the uprooted tree to eat up its own shadow with its own demise, at the historically vintage precinct of Karachi Press Club, where civil society thrive and values survive against all odds.

Planted on left side of the main entrance of the KPC, this fallen hero of botanical nature stood firmly while witnessing events and happenings that eventually shaped both society and social animals alike. It gracefully bore teargas, saw policemen baton charging protesters of different sorts, and stood like quite a muted agro sapiens for years.

As they say nothing lasts forever, this larger than life green umbrella couldn’t defy the might of the dust storm on Sunday the 14th April, 2019, and bowed down in humble submission to the nature. It is akin to leaving this world and creating space for others to fill in. A classic example of a well-charted journey from dust to dust journey!

It was among the species of plantation which are never known because of their names. They make their presence felt during scorching season starting from April to on wards till the time when Karachiites are blessed with little bit of winter in the months of December and January.

On the same place where this tree stood, a small place was dedicated as playing area for the children of KPC’s members. It provided shadow to these children and played the role of shelter for them in the sizzling temperature.

No one took notice of it and it never demanded thing like it from anyone and finally a day came which was a doomsday for it and it was uprooted by the dust storm.

When strong winds started blowing and dust played its game with these winds, the members of KPC who were enjoying meal in open area or chatting with friends, rushed to take shelter in the building. However, it faced these harsh winds for the last time in its life and it collapsed on the concrete entrance of club.

As its collapse had blocked the main entrance so it was cut into pieces and it was removed from the place which it has been occupying for decades. It was integral part of the main gate of KPC but as one has to go some day so it also passed away.

There are members of KPC who are mourning its death along with this scribe and there would be others who would do so if they learn about this sad demise.

The metropolitan city of Karachi is already short of trees and its uprooting is being considered as a serious loss to the environment. New housing societies are taking place in tree-scant city and trees got no place for their survival. They are generally the first causality when foundation of any new housing society is laid. End



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