Great legal development to quick conclusion of hundreds of trials

[wp_ad_camp_1] Great legal development to quick conclusion of hundreds of trials

By Zaib Azkaar Hussain


Certainly it is a great development to conclude hundreds of cases quickly without wastage of time.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa himself observed said that five thousand eight hundred trials were decided through model courts in forty-eight working days.

While addressing a session on orientation on expeditious justice initiative for judges of additional Model Criminal Trial Courts in Islamabad, the Chief Justice held that basic objective behind establishing Model Courts was to provide inexpensive and expeditious justice to the masses. He announced to add one more judge to every district and within a few months there would be set up more model courts in the entire country.

Justice Asif Saeed Khosa very rightly highlighted that there would be no justice unless there would be a truthful evidence.

To ensure justice, it is imperative to make both ends meet in each and every case and it is hoped that due legal course and requirements are taken into account and are ensured in the process of conclusion of trials in a large quantity.

Chief Justice of Pakistan guided the trial courts well while making it clear that any witness, who made a false testimony would be rejected.

He said the idea of Model Courts was first started in four districts, which was further expanded to seven districts. He said six districts have zero pendency of murder and narcotics cases, while ten districts were to be added next month.

He made a very good announcement adding that “We will expand this to other offences.”

The Chief Justice said that national judicial policymaking committee was now move to civil side. He said civil, family, rent, and magistrate model courts were being launched simultaneously.

He made another important announcement to establish courts dealing with the gender based violence cases and child courts as well. He noted there would be at least one such court in any district to facilitate women, where they could go and tell their problems. He further noted that there would someone thousand and sixteen courts dealing with the gender based violence cases, across Pakistan. Similarly, the child courts would be established in every districts of the country to address children’s problems. The Chief Justice said courtroom has been specially designed in the case of children, which would look like a home, where children could speak their heart without any fear.

Asif Saeed Khosa very rightly observed that the Supreme Court of Pakistan was the first apex court in the entire world that has started hearing cases online. He said a state of the art Research Center has been established at the Supreme Court, where five to six search engines were to be installed to facilitate the legal fraternity and researchers.

The 110 Model Criminal Trial Courts (MCTC) set up by the current Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Asif Saeed Khosa have, no doubt yielded positive results, with a record around 5800 cases decided in just 75 days. The courts concerned convicted 1352 culprits. In some 535 judgments, life imprisonment was announced against the culprits involved in heinous crimes and in other crimes 175 death sentences were announced. An appreciable step has been taken by fixing a time period. The processing time of a criminal case has been fixed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, from 4-5 years to 3 months.





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