A Picture Crying for Justice

A picture symbolically reflecting collapse of system of downtrodden public 

An elderly woman lying on the naked floor along with body of her daughter on the stretcher who was killed for not forgiving her Mehr

Pak Chronicle Report


System is not working and dispensing merit or justice as it needs to be to downtrodden citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In most of cases it takes a lot of resources and time to get justice over here. The people living below the poverty line often fail to get it if they become victim of any kind of injustice anywhere in the country.

A photograph on social media has been making many rounds on social media carrying the picture of an elderly woman who is lying on the naked floor of Rural Health Centre of Uuch Sharif along with the stretcher on which body of her daughter is lying.

Uuch Sharif is an historic city which is situated in southern part of Punjab province. It’s part of Bahawalpur District.

Reportedly a married girl was killed because she was not getting ready to forgive her Mehr to her husband. According to social media report she got married recently and she was killed as she was not giving her consent to forgive her Mehr in favour of her husband.

According to these social media reports the elderly woman also collapsed on the floor along with the stretcher on which the dead body of her young daughter was lying. The people have been passing from this scene as though it was not a catastrophic sort of happening.

Interestingly Prime Minister of Pakistan talks a lot for converting Pakistan into ‘Riyast-e- Madina” but little is done to make the country livable for subjugated citizens.

“Riyast-e-Madina was a model welfare state and it continues to act as a model state for any Muslim in the world. In this state the rulers were accountable for any happening anywhere in the state.







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