Sinking Ship, a short story

Sinking Ship, a short story

(Metaphoric story of a country where vested interests of people destroyed it. An English poem which is reflecting sorry state of affairs in a banana republic)

Sinking ship, a short metaphoric story

The ship was sailing through the sea although it had many holes which weren’t designed for passing anchor cables.

The deck had developed many holes as a result of rats’ contribution. The rats on the ship seemed to be ruling it while the captain’s wheelhouse was also in possession of these rats.

These rats were completely different from other creatures in biological terms. In other words, they had no resemblance with the famous (or known) species of the rats.

They had two legs, two hands, one big mouth, two icy cold eyes, two ears and a stomach about which it was said that they would never be filled. It was believed that the same ship had been separated from a bigger ship. The separation then had led to the formation a new structure of the ship and it aimed at safeguarding the essential interests of the cruisers who earlier had the status of minority on the larger ship.

With a little bit of struggle, the bigger ship was broken and a smaller piece of it was registered with the shipping companies with a different identity while the larger ship had preferred to maintain its centuries’ old tag.

As the smaller ship was fairly a new one in the market so a lot of insurance companies came forward to help it out in its maiden sailing operation despite the fact it had not needed their help.

Soon the captain of it was found dead in the funnel of the ship, instead of its bridge. The captain was supposed to be behind the wheel but unfortunately his body was found in the funnel area.

Later on it was discovered as who was behind his death but it was too late then. It was said that the rats’ role actually had caused the demise of the captain.

After that the rats started digging the deck and every other place from which they could find something to fill their stomach. However, as earlier said, their stomach was always empty despite munching all parts of the ship freely.

The cruisers on the ship were made handicapped by these rats by developing differences amongst them. On the other hand, the rats remained very much in unity. Of course, they had unprecedented unity within the ranks and files of them as it was their motto to be one.

After some years due to holes in the deck larger cracks started developing which were the results of rats munching. Later on these cracks were further widened and another ship came into existence from the hull of the older one.

The separated ship said goodbye to the older one and made its journey into the sea of its own.

The rats celebrated the event and started munching the rest of the body of the ship. The insurance companies had fair idea as to who was in command of the ship and they started dealing with rats instead to have deals with the sailors.

Even the sailors made attempts to have cordial relations with the rats because they were not only handicapped physically but they were also mentally-challenged. The shipping companies had their heyday in this process and they have been purchasing parts of the ship against paper currency which was of no use for the passengers as the rats used to deposit them in their offshore accounts after getting payment in this connection. It was the opinion of the rats that they had every right on the received sums because due to their efforts the ship was dismantling.

The time has been passing and rats have become so powerful that they have turned into elephants from being rats. As money can buy you everything so the rats after becoming elephants went through the plastic surgery and turned their original black skin into white. So now there were white elephants on the ship and this ship had countless holes in its bottom and on every part of its body.

The insurance companies had already looted from it which had any worth and there had left nothing for them.

One fine morning the monkey on the bridge told the white elephants that the ship was sinking. It was in the middle of the sea and there was no hope of immediate rescue. The elephants made attempts to get on board of lifeboats but as they had weighed too heavy, even the lifeboats drowned in the sea. The cruisers learnt about the sinking of the ship only when the ship was drowning and no lifeboat had left for them.


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