Stolen cellular phones/tabs recovery through e-gadget app

Stolen cellular phones/tabs recovery through e-gadget app
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Punjab Police in collaboration with Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB) has launched an app which is known as e-gadget app, to recover stolen cellular phones and tablets which have EMEI number.
Through this app, 33,000 stolen cellular phones and tabs have already been recovered and handed over to the owners.
In a tweet on Saturday, the Punjab Police IG, Dr Usman Anwar maintained that it is the responsibility of the police to recover mobile phones and tablets in case of theft.
He said to make this process easier, Punjab Police has created and e-gadget app in collaboration with PITB which is extremely helpful to trace out stolen cellular phones and tabs.
He said Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan having 140 million population out of which more than 60 percent of the population got access to cellular phones and tabs.
He said after stealing of these devices, the task to recover them wasn’t easier. The IG of Punjab Police said that the Punjab Police and the PITB made an e-gadget app and through this app, 33,000 stolen mobile devices have been recovered and handed over to the owners.
He said due to this app, there has been decline in trend to steal cellular phones and later on dispose them off.
“Now through this app, you can not only take your device back but you can also forward us the sale and repair record of as such devices. More than 113,000 shopkeepers (associated with this business) are registered with us through this app. We have now access to more than 63,000 sale and repair record of these devices.
We match the record these unique IDs (IMEI) and afterwards do recovery of them by analyzing sale and purchase record of them. Thus we are not only making recovery of them, but it is also helpful to decrease the theft cases of these devices,” Dr Anwar maintained.
Meanwhile, he said, the Punjab Police is moving ahead to recover stolen gold by launching a similar app.
He said recovery of stolen gold is a difficult process but efforts are being g made by the police to recover it through e-gold app. Via this app, every step of gold stealing would be tracked, he further commented.
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