News Action Committee observes Salvation Day

News Action Committee observes Salvation Day

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News Action Committee (NAC), a large emerging group of working journalists observed Salvation Day on Thursday against ineffectiveness of so-called leaders of media industry.

Due to lockdown in the city because of pandemic coronavirus, the meeting of News Action Committee was held at the residence of Convener of NAC, Umair Ali Anjum.

The members of Core Committee of NAC participated in the meeting while Secretary NAC and senior journalist Qadeer Tanoli, Ajmal Temouri, in charge of NAC for Azad Jammu and Kashmir matters and in charge of Overseas Unit, NAC, Tauseef Siddiqui participated in the meeting via video link.

The chairman of the committee, and seasoned journalist, Athar Khan said on this occasion that NAC has become country-wide voice of journalists.

He said the days are not far when the fraternity would get freedom from the claws of so-called leaders of the journalists who have been involved in exploiting the community instead of serving it.

Qadeer Tanoli while participating in the meeting through video link stated that now it’s time to hold responsible these self-proclaimed and self-imposed leaders of the fraternity. He said these so-called leaders have been serving their own vested interests while the fraternity faced the cruelties. “Those (journalists’ leaders) who live in luxurious and bomb-proof abodes would be made answerable soon,” he stated.  He said these persons actually have been following the agenda which was set by the owners (Seths) of media industry and ultimately they got personal benefits for their services.

Convener Umair Ali Anjum while addressing the participants said that there is no doubt about it that there are plenty of difficult obstacles in NAC’s chosen path.

He said only those working journalists are associated with the NAC who got neat and clean past and there is no mark of corruption on them.

Anjum who is also a renowned poet besides being senior working journalist said that News Action Committee is not a traditional sort of organization which only exists on slogans and papers.

“We are working on a vision and our vision is to get the true rights of working journalists. Our goal is still far away but we will achieve it with dedication,” he said.

He said now it’s for the first time in the history that courts of the law are hearing the matters pertaining to the rights of journalists due to the efforts of NAC.

“We want to let them know that we have already burnt our boats and we will do whatever is legally appropriate to achieve our mission,” he further stated.

Some Other participants also addressed this august gathering of the working journalists. The participants lauded the efforts of Anjum which he made so far by filing petition in Sindh High Court against ban on pillion riding which is hampering the working environment of journalists.






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