A person is dead when soul leaves the body behind: CM KP

A person is dead when soul leaves the body behind: CM KP

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Sometimes the Pakistani politicians narrate a quote of their own which is often quoted sarcastically by others and social media seems to be falling in love with these quotes for all the wrong reasons.

Mahmood Khan, the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) provided another quote in this context for the public which would  perhaps be quoted by it in coming days.

He actually enriched he list of these ‘golden quotes; recently as he was found saying by narrating a quote that ‘a person is dead when soul leaves the body behind.

“Jab Insaan Ki Jaan Nikal Jaati Hay tu Woh Zinda Nhen Rehta,” he made a comment in some event. Social media lovers are also enjoying this quote of the CM KP and terming it as a piece of information which was earlier not known.

Earlier Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) had delivered a quote about the rain in which he had stated, “Jab Barish Ata Hay Tu Paani Ata hay (it brings water when it rains.”

This quote was often used on social media when Karachi was drowning severely in the heavy rains recently.

No one can deny the beauty of these quotes otherwise they shouldn’t have been quoted by the general public.

However, the quote of former CM Balochistan, Nawab Aslam Khan Raisani is still superseding others in which he had stated that a degree is a degree whether genuine or fake.

He had made these remarks in 2010 as the CM Balochistan while answering about the verification of degrees of members of Balochistan Assembly.

PM Imran Khan is also known for popularity of his quotes amongst the masses for all the wrong reasons.

Once he had stated,” Main Inko Rulaon Ga.” Now whenever there is a price hike of common commodities in the country social media activist use this quote as though it was stated for public although it was for PML-N’s leadership.



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