Mir Hassan’s suicide- a slap in the face of system

Mir Hassan’s suicide- a slap in the face of system


Economy in Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf’s regime is flourishing as claimed by it but its trickledown effects are nowhere to be seen and poor are committing suicide due to extreme poverty.

A man named as Mir Hassan reportedly committed suicide on Thursday because he was devastated over being unable to provide warm clothes for his children during the winters.

The suicide of Mir Hassan is perhaps a slap on the face to current regime which has even deprived the poorest segment of the society from its right to survive.

According to media reports the man was a resident of the city’s Ibrahim Haidery area of Karachi and earned his livelihood by driving a donkey cart. He was taken to the Civil Hospital after he set himself on fire but was unable to survive the burn wounds.

It has been learnt that Mir Hassan was heartbroken after his children had asked for warm clothes to protect themselves from the harsh cold. He was going through a financial crisis.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan got votes to change the system which only suit those who are privileged ones. He had promised to provide jobs for millions of people besides making promise to provide them with homes.

However, the government seems to be changing its stance on it and expressing its helplessness over the issue. The job opportunities are shrinking for masses due to closure of different industries in Pakistan. The miseries of them getting richer by the passage of every day by making them poorer and the government is taking U-turns on its promises which it made in its manifesto.

The promised ‘change’ or tabdeeli of PTI has not seen day of light yet while devastating effects on the economy are making common folk life miserable. The poorest of the country earlier used to purchase secondhand warm clothes on the affordable price from Lunda Bazar. However, now they can’t afford even these secondhand clothing for their children and for themselves.

There is no doubt that life for masses was never easier on this part of the earth since ages. However, they were not as helpless as they now are in process of making both ends meet.

Mir Hassan’s suicide is stigma on the governance system however, there seems little hope that things would be rectified accordingly. The issue in Pakistan with regard to poverty is not that of lack of resources. Pakistan is enriched with a lot resources. However, it’s their distribution which is the real issue.

Uneven distribution of resources is making the lives of common citizens miserable.  During hot summer season people die as they can’t afford livable environment and they commit suicide when its winter over here. Positive change will take place only when state would act motherly towards its citizens and adopt system to distribute its resources equally amongst the masses.

According to some media reports the winter season has already broken various records in Pakistan as mercury in Peshawar dropped to a freezing -1°C after 36 years. Karachi, on the other hand, recorded its lowest at 9.2°C, while Skardu reached a freezing -21°C.




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