Changing police uniform won’t bring changes in policing

[wp_ad_camp_1]Police system need real revolutionary changes instead of making cosmetic changes like change of uniform 

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So another change of uniform of Punjab’ police is on the cards by the provincial authorities which is just another cosmetic measure to change the look of the police.

Earlier in 2017 Shehbaz Sharif as Chief Minister Punjab had changed the uniform of the police from black shirt and khaki trouser with olive green uniform. According to some media reports now it’s being planned to change this olive green uniform again possibly with sky-blue shirt and navy blue trouser as is the uniform of capital’s police.

As the authorities concerned don’t want to put extra financial burned on the government so decision into this effect will be taken in next fiscal year.

Interestingly only the province of Punjab seems to be experimenting new uniforms for its police as no other province has made any concrete measure to change the traditional police uniform which is black shirt and khaki trouser. There is proposal in pipeline to change the uniform of Sindh Police but till today the Sindh police continue to wear the traditional uniform.

At least people while travelling from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Sindh or Balochistan and vice versa knows well as what the uniform of the police is but changing of uniform of Punjab police also keep it in state of confusion for a while. Even it’s not easy to general public in Punjab at large to absorb the matter of police uniform easily. It takes time for a while, as has been the case when the uniform was changed in 2017 and later accept or recognize it with the passage of time.

The traditional uniform of black shirt and khaki trouser was introduced when Field Marshal General Ayoub Khan was ruling the country as an absolute dictator.

British regime during its colonial period had introduced police in the Sub-Continent in 1861. Its uniform consists of khaki half trouser and shirt of the same colour. Via implementation of Indian Councils Act 1861 the foundation of modern police was setup in the region and introduction of police uniform was part of it. After the division of the sub-continent, the police continued to wear the same uniform of British era till it was replaced with the black shirt and khaki trouser in 1960’s.

When 2017 decision was implemented by the provincial authorities to change the colour of uniform besides its cloth, it was criticized by some quarters due to some reasons but eventually this criticism also stopped and people got used with it.

Now Usman Buzdar and Company wants to change olive green to sky blue shirt and navy blue trouser and nothing is being perceived to change the police instead of changing its outlook.

Some philosopher may also suggest wearing of olive branch in the collars of uniform as good omen to change its appearance bit more but these outlook changes of it may not help to achieve the desired results.

Change of uniform from olive green to stark navy blue or to any colour is not going to help to improve the system of the police which was introduced by colonial power to prolong its imperialism in the religion. The laws are almost the same which were introduced by British regime and style of investigation has also not been changed. Third-degree torcher still considered as the finest tool in the police department of every province to bring out the best results.

A source in police had told this scribe in the recent past that murder weapon may also be changed accordingly if it’s desired by following some simple methods. Modern techniques of investigations are yet to be introduced into the police system. Till today the police deputed at any picket in any province during dark night try to recognize the suspects by their appearances by throwing lights on their faces. Someone who comes across the police and loses his confidence is believed to be criminal. Most of the general public while viewing the police starts feeling uncomfortable because of the reputation that they may be fixed in any offence.

Instead of introducing cosmetic measures there is also need to bring real police reforms. There is also need to change the laws accordingly keeping in view the today’s demand. Training of the police on modern lines is another requirement which should be made by all provinces to make it a force which is trustworthy and capable to impose writ of the state everywhere in the country.





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