Ramazan Arrival: Profiteers get another opportunity to extract money

Ramazan Arrival: Profiteers get another opportunity to extract money

Pak Chronicle Report


As Ramazan is about to fall on Saturday the profiteers get another opportunity to extract money out of pockets of citizens by swelling the prices of some food items by around 50 to 80 percent and in some cases 100 percent.

Earlier as the profiteers had sensed that the pandemic coronavirus would make its presence felt in Pakistan they hoarded all those items which might be used as preventive measures to avoid the viral disease.

Later they made massive earnings on these items when the citizens had needed these items. Face masks, hand sanitizers etc had topped the list of items on which the hoarders had made money.

The price of onion have registered Rs30 hike in the garrison city as the profiteers are all set to welcome Ramazan in their own peculiar  way. A day ago onion was being sold at Rs60/kilogram in vegetable shops. However, now it’s being sold at Rs90 per kilogram.

Onion is known as essential vegetable which is used in cooking of variety of meals besides being used as an essential component in cooking of Pakoras. As citizens generally opt to have Pakoras during Iftari in Ramazan so the profiteers make their arrangements that it should be sold on as high price as possible to make maximum profit on it.

Potato another vegetable which is believed to be an essential commodity during the month of Ramazan also witnessed massive price surge these days. Potato per kilogram registered 100 percent increase on the advent to Ramazan. Previously it was being sold Rs40/kg however, the profiteers have set its price at Rs80/kg nowadays.

Another believed to be an essential item in Ramazan, lemon has also registered massive price hike. A few days back the price of lemon per kilogram was Rs150 which is being sold at Rs480/kg.

The prices of fruits have also gone beyond the means of common citizens who are already facing hardships due to lockdown in the country. The means of earning livelihood have already gone to minimal proportion and people are badly struggling to make both ends meet. However, hoarders and profiteers mean business whether is an issue of outbreak of coronavirus in the country or its time of the advent of Ramazan.


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