Khetran’s Private Prion in Balochistan

Khetran’s Private Prion

The bodies of a woman and two youths were recovered from a well. They were allegedly in the custody of the provincial minister in his private prison

By Pak Chronicle Desk

The bodies of a mother and two sons were found in a well in Balochistan’s Barkhan district, whose relatives have alleged that they were imprisoned in the private prison of Balochistan’s Provincial Minister for Construction and Communications Sardar Abdul Rahman Khetran for many years.

Earlier this woman had appealed for release of her and her two sons from the private prison and she was holding Holy Book of Quran in her hands while appealing in this context. However, nothing happened for rescuing her and her two sons and now bodies of them are recovered from the well.

According to the police three people were shot in the head and killed whose bodies were recovered from the well.

Abdul Rahman Khetran has denied the allegations and said that there is a conspiracy to discredit him and remove him from the leadership and such allegations are leveled against him whenever elections are near.

Meanwhile, according to the police, the three bodies were shifted from Barkhan to the nearby district of Kohlu, where their funeral prayers were offered at the Eidgah.

According to Kohlo’s journalist Yusuf Marri, thousands of people participated in the funeral, after which members of the Murri tribes left for Quetta with the bodies.

The members of Murree tribes have announced a protest sit-in along with the dead bodies in front of the Chief Minister’s House in Quetta to demand the arrest of the killers.

Barkhan district police chief SP Noor Mohammad Barich told Urdu News that the bodies of three people were found in a well about one and a half kilometers away from Hajikot area of ​​Barkhan, which the police have pulled out with the help of rescue teams.

Barkhan is the last district of Balochistan adjacent to Dera Ghazi Khan District of Punjab, about five hundred kilometers from Quetta.

Another police official said that the hands and feet of the three persons were tied with ropes. Their eyes were also blindfolded while the face of the woman was crushed. It is not known whether a stone or heavy object was used to hit on the face or acid was thrown on the woman.

According to SP Noor Mohammad Barich, the bodies have not been identified yet. The dead bodies were shifted to District Headquarters Hospital Barkhan for necessary processing and identification.

However, a person named Khan Muhammad Marri, a resident of Daki district, claims that these bodies belong to his loved ones, including his 40-year-old wife Garnaz, 22-year-old son Muhammad Nawaz and 15-year-old son Abdul Qadir.

Khan Muhammad Marri alleges that the murdered wife and two sons were imprisoned in the private prison of Sardar Abdul Rahman Khetran, the provincial minister and spokesperson of Balochistan Awami Party, for the past four years.


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