Gossip taking rounds on social media revolving around alleged immoral videos of Imran Khan

Gossip taking rounds on social media revolving around alleged immoral videos of Imran Khan

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The gossip revolving around alleged immoral videos of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan are making rounds on social media after his recent forecast that his character assassination would be made by releasing fake videos.

A lot of known video bloggers on YouTube are trying to assess as what sort of these videos could be. Most of them are guessing that these videos might be revolving around some alleged sex-scandal of him which would be lethal for political career. However, there are other bloggers who are making assessment that it would not be the case as it would revolving around alleged financial corruption of the former prime minister of Pakistan.

While addressing a workers’ convention which was held a few days ago in Multan, the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), Imran Khan had stated that Sharif Mafia would launch a character assassination drive against him after Eid.

He was of the view that this drive would be on the pattern as was done against former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto by circulating fake pictures of her and her mother Nustrat Bhutto in the past.

Ever since his prediction in this context there has been a lot of talks on social media especially on YouTube as what these videos actually are?

According to a Lahore-based journalist, Syed Imran Shafqat there are talks/gossips that there is an alleged immoral video of Imran Khan which spans over two minutes in which he could be seen with another male character while doing immoral activities.

In the meantime another UK based journalist Aniq Naji while quoting a tweet of Colonel (Retired) Saqib Munir states that a former state minister is involved in this alleged video scandal. However, at the same time he says neither he can confirm nor rebut it.

While quoting Hamid Mir he says this video could be something which would be revolving around homosexuality content.

Another journalist Gohar Butt is taking altogether different line on this matter. He says this would not be a sex video scandal which is being predicted largely but it would be a video or audio in which the former prime minister would allegedly be demanding gratification money from someone for some purposes.

In the meantime deputy speaker of Punjab Assembly has predicted that a video is being released midnight on all social media platforms.

In month of April former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan was ousted from the power through successful vote of no-confidence against him in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

Even prior to success of no-trust motion against the former premier almost all political fronts in Pakistan were very hot. It started getting momentum in February when the joint opposition had started talking about brining no-trust motion against him.

Prior to tabling no-trust motion against him, Imran Khan had termed it as an international conspiracy against him which was aiming to change regime in Pakistan for the sake of vested interests.

Now there are a lot talks in Pakistan which are focusing on release of videos against him which Imran Khan says are fake and aim to tarnish his character. No one knows as when these videos would  be released and what would they be containing.




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