Ex-spymaster Faiz Hameed’s brother Najaf Hameed robbed

Ex-spymaster Faiz Hameed’s brother Najaf Hameed robbed

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Ex-spymaster Faiz Hameed’s brother Najaf Hameed robbed: Lt General (Retired) Faiz Hameed’s brother Najaf Hameed who was a Naib Tehsildar in the Revenue Department has been robbed by millions of rupees and other valuables.

It was revealed that Rs10.7 million has been stolen from Najaf Hameed’s home while the robbers also took away some other valuables from his residence, situated in District Chakwal.

The robbers also stole an iPhone 13 Pro from the safe of former DGISI Lieutenant General Retired Faiz Hameed‘s brother Najaf Hameed’s residence.

This incident has taken place in his native village Latifal. Najaf Hameed has nominated two of his employees of theft.

The name of one employee is Ashiq Hussain while the name of other employee is Maqsood Ahmad.

He reported to the police that both these employees of him were responsible to take care of his home. He said in the FIR that after inquiring from his family members about this happening, he is nominating both of them into the FIR.

An investigation has been started by registering a case on behalf of Najaf Hameed in Nila police station.

According to Najaf Hameed, he went to Lahore for a series of treatment operations on April 6 and returned home on April 24.

Three days later, when he opened the safe and briefcase to keep the treatment documents, the said money and mobile phone were found missing. Incident between April 6 to April 24 and FIR into the case was registered on 13th July.

Since the retirement of Lt General (Retired) Faiz Hameed, his brother Najaf Hameed has been facing multiple challenges.

Earlier in February this year the Finance Department of Chakwal had suspended the Naib Tehsildar Najaf Hameed.

The brother of General (Retired) Faiz Hameed Khan was suspended over the charges of misconduct.

He was suspended along with 12 other officials including four Gardawars and eight Patwaris over the same charges.

General (Retired) Faiz Hameed’s brother Najaf Hameed Khan was serving as Naib Tehsildar in Chakwal when he was suspended from his post.

Moreover, the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Punjab had also sought the records of lands owned by ex-spymaster Lieutenant General (retd) Faiz Hamid’s brother.

In a letter written to the Rawalpindi and Chakwal deputy commissioners, the Rawalpindi division of the provincial anti-corruption body stated that Najaf had tried to supersede several seniors for promotion to the Girdawar post and accumulated assets beyond his own means.

Once considered a member of one of the most influential families in Pakistan, now Najaf Hameed has also been robbed of heavy amount of cash besides his expensive cellular phone.





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