Center to ensure uniform guidelines for the month of Ramadan

Center to ensure uniform guidelines for the month of Ramadan

Pak Chronicle Report


Federal Minister for Interior, Brig (Retired) Ijaz Ahmad Shah met with the Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony, Peer Noor ul Haq Qadri in Islamabad.

The meeting focused on formulation of a strategy that will ensure that the spirit of this Holy month is kept alive and preventive measures amid pandemic are also fully exercised, stated a press release issued after the meeting on Sunday.

Religious scholars, representatives and all relevant stakeholders from entire country to be taken on board.

The Holy month of Ramadan holds great significance for every Muslim in the world. This year every country is facing a global challenge of fighting novel COVID 19, considering this hindrance, the Interior Minister and the Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony met to devise a practical strategy. The possible options were brought under discussion and the two collectively decided that country’s all religious representatives from different segments should be taken on board and a uniform set of guidelines from center should be issued for all provinces and ICT to follow.

“Uniform set of guidelines are primary to the strategy to avoid any conflict” said Ijaz Shah during meeting. The National Emergency to control coronavirus spread is likely to impact Ramadan’s routine practices like Iftar dinners and Taraweeh prayers. Understanding the fact that this month and its religious significance is massive for all Muslims, the two federal ministers mutually agreed on taking all necessary stakeholders on board to come up with the best possible solution in this time of crisis.

Primary objective is to come up with a unanimous decision that will let people observe their religious duties and also ensure health and safety of masses.

The federal ministers decided upon taking senior religious scholars and representatives on board to decide final strategy. The finalized policy is to be uniform for the entire country, the two agreed, concluded the press release.


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