PFUJ pays rich tributes to Ahfaz

PFUJ pays rich tributes to Ahfaz

PFUJ pays rich tributes to on the demise of veteran journalist Ahfaz ur Rehman

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Veteran journalist Ahfaz ur Rehman being beaten up by the police in 2007 during a protest demonstration which was organized by the journalists in Karachi against imposition of state of emergency in Pakistan by General (Retired) Musharraf


Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has expressed its deep sorrow and grief over the death of  veteran journalist Ahfaz ur Rehman and announced three-day mourning across the country.

Veteran trade unionist and former President of PFUJ Ahfazur Rehman passed away in Karachi on Sunday after a prolonged illness.

He had been suffering from cancer and had been under treatment at Aga Khan University (AKU) Hospital.

In a joint statement issued on Sunday. PFUJ President Shahzada Zulfiqar and Secretary General Nasir Zaidi paid rich tributes to the life-long struggle and sacrifices rendered by Ahfaz ur Rehman for freedom of press in the country.

“Ahfazur Rehman was one of the torch-bearers for the freedom of Press in PFUJ,” the joint statement said. “He was always in the forefront in any movement launched by the PFUJ against military rulers and oppressive regimes.”

The PFUJ President and Secretary General said the life-long struggle of Ahfaz for freedom of expression will continue to be a 3guiding force for the journalists’ community across Pakistan.

PFUJ also announced three days of mourning across the country to mourn his death.

During this period, black flags will be hoisted at all press clubs, union offices as well as at working places by journalists’ unions.

Recalling Ahfaz ur Rehman’s struggle and services, the PFUJ leadership said his bold leadership and struggle for the rights of working journalists’ will always be remembered  and continue to guide the PFUJ policies.


PfUJ leaders noted that Ahfaz ur Rehman had been fighting for the rights of journalists since 1972. After his return from China, he was arrested and tortured during the oppressive regime of General Zia ul Haq but Ahfaz never surrendered and continued to raise his voice for freedom of Press.

Even during the tenure of former military dictator General Musharraf, Ahfaz remained in the forefront of the struggle when the military ruler banned some TV channels.

Shahzada Zulfikar and Nasir Zaidi also recalled Ahfazur Rehman’s services for the cause of journalists in the country.

“As president of PFUJ, Ahfaz ur Rehman constantly raised the issue of non-implementation of wage board award and challenged the owners and managements of newspapers and media houses without any fear,” the statement said. “With his death we have lost a great trade unionist, a bold leader, a committed journalist and above all a man who was of great personal integrity.”

The two PFUJ leaders said Ahfaz worked to revitalize Karachi Press Club and always worked against those elements that at that time were bent upon de-politicizing the press club.

“We salute to our former colleague and comrade Ahfaz ur Rehman’s for his life-long struggle and that he will remain to live in the hearts of PFUJ members across the country,” the statement said.


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