Death of a journalist

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By Hasan Javaid


We should examine death of Idrees Bakhtiar in a scientific and logical manner

Who was Idrees Bakhtiar?

The answer is that he was an honest person with full of moral and professional integrity.

As a professional he was brave, hard hitting and taking risk in difficult times. No dispute here too.

As a trade unionist, he was active proponent of unity among various journalist unions. No one disagrees here too

Stop here a bit.

He was a rightist and I was against his views, used to disagree with him, sometimes in harsh manner too. However, logic was the stick between us to make us calm.

Idrees was 70 plus. He could be a copy director, documentary in charge, news editor (print), director news in electronic media. Hardly people know that he was useful in film and drama script editing.

He could have been used to train new journalists.

Question arises as to why industry as a whole did not provide him any job, when he was searching for it.

Is there no need for experienced professionals in the industry? If so, no problem as destiny has its own course. But law makers should approve a law making suicide legal and religious gurus stamping it. No big deal.

This will help investigators to identify bodies of old men, saying ‘oh’ another one with pen.


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