Bird’s-eye view forensic of Iftikhar Durrani’s leaked video

Bird’s-eye view forensic of Iftikhar Durrani’s leaked video

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An alleged sex video involving Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Iftikhar Durrani with a woman continues to make rounds in Pakistan and abroad while there is no denial of it yet reported from concerned quarters.

The video, which surfaced on Friday, allegedly showing Durrani getting intimate with a party worker in a room somewhere at an unknown place.

The leader of PTI, Iftikhar Durrani is the former special assistant to Imran Khan on media and reportedly he hasn’t made comment yet on the leaked video.

The authenticity of the viral video clip is yet to be investigated although renowned journalist and vloger Razi Dada has termed it as genuine.

The bird’s-eye view forensic of this viral sex video suggests that it has been edited/cut to a great extent. Large portion of it has been cut/censored and even its sequence seems to be altered.

The woman in the video who is alleged to be Rabia Malik, who is another leader of PTI, first gets rid of her all clothes before going into the real action.

However, a shred of cloth is hanging around her right leg when intimate moments start in the video. This common forensic may generate several questions and there is need of conducting real forensic of the video so that clarity could make its presence felt.

This video had surfaced when the PTI which is led by former premier Imran Khan is facing tough time after May 9 incidents in the country. The political party is facing a lot of hardships as many of his loyal workers and leaders have already parted ways with it after May 9 incidents.

Prior to May 9 incidents the PTI was in election campaign mode. Entire Pakistan was in the limelight across the globe due to political news which were being generated over here due the political activities which were mostly taking place due to PTI’s chief Imran Khan.

Political candidates of PTI had started political activism and they were hoping that soon the federal government would be forced to give election schedule in Punjab as was demanded by them.

The political fundraising was at the best with regard to the PTI and it was trying to manage campaign finance and lobbying efforts were also taking place at its end. Political consulting was in process by the party and it was talking about political advocacy in the country. The political debate was in full swing in the country and political surveys were suggesting that the PTI would won the election by a thorough majority. Meanwhile voter registration campaign was also in process and almost every political analysis seems to be supporting the PTI. The political endorsements by the PTI’s candidates were making headlines in the newspapers.

However, all these thing started declining when the tragedy of May 9 took place and crackdown against the PTI’s workers started who had been involved in attacking the military and private properties.

On May 9, after the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan in a corruption case, a lot of violent protest demonstrations took place which also targeted military installations besides targeting private properties across the country. Since then the political party has been in deep trouble due to crackdowns of law enforcement agencies against its leaders.

Several PTI leaders, including Fawad Chaudry, Shireen Mazari and Maleeka Bukhari and many others have already left the party and this process still continues till filing of the report.

People in Pakistan are well-aware of Iftikhar Durrani but they know little about the other character in the indecent video which is engaged in intimate position with Durrani.


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