Encroachment under the ‘vision of PM’



Ordinary encroachment on footpath and road by cars’showrooms’ owners near Liaquat Bagh. Photo by Pak Chronicle.

Encroachment under the ‘vision of PM’

By Chronicler
How does vision work? You may find the reply while seeing new and rather unique phenomenon introduced by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

It has introduced this new and unique phenomenon by  encroaching footpath in order to set up the Wall of Kindness.

It is being described an act that truly followed the vision of the prime minister (PM). The Wall of Kindness seems to be kind enough take the entire area of footpath alongside Murree Road near Liaquat Bagh, under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
The RDA has erected permanent structure of a long room on wide patch of footpath near Liaquat Bagh and all this has been done under the vision of the PM.
To make it clear as why this sort of activity has been made the authority also inscribed on this structure in bold letters with words: “WALL OF KINDNESS/UNDER THE VISION OF IMRAN KHAN PRIME MINISTER OF PAKSITAN.”
The idea of ‘wall of kindness is basically a wall and not a permanent room. The philanthropists are supposed to leave of common articles like clothes, shoes etc over here so that poor segment of the society may get benefit of it.
However, a new experiment is being made by constructing ‘Room of Kindness” under the patronage of the government. A new precedent is being set by occupying footpath for this purpose.
Rawalpindi like other major cities of Pakistan is facing scarcity of places of public utility including footpaths, parks etc. Evacuating these places still seems a far cry and available spaces for this purpose are being encroached.
The influential mafia is occupying footpaths, streets and roads and the general public got no choice than to accept this practice as a routine matter.
However, Pakistan was never bestowed with the government in the past in which under the vision of PM footpaths were encroached. No one knows who would be ruling this country in coming days but one thing may be said with certainty. This encroachment which has been done under the vision of PM would certainly exist for years and years. It takes ages to remove ordinary encroachments and an encroachment under the vision of PM would certainly got an exception.

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