Pak-India war in coming months predicted

Pak-India war in coming months predicted

Pak Chronicle Report


Spiritual person and a practicing Sufi, Jinab Saeed Sahib during a talk with Chronicler has revealed that Pakistan and India are closer to a devastating war due to mischievous steps of India.

According to this mystic person the war between these neighbouring countries is due in a few months. He says India has developed a lot of hatred against Pakistan and it continues to do things which may ignite into a war.

He says further measures of India would add fuel to the chances of war and Pakistan would be dragged into it as a choiceless player.

He says further aggression on the part of India would result in eventual war between these two countries in which Pakistan would stand triumph.

However, there would be a lot of destruction as a result of this war which would be fought for prolonged duration of time, he comments.

He has asked people of the country especially the clergies/teachers to get ready for it and prepare young generation to support Pakistani armed forces when needed.

“A lot of persons would die as outcome of this war,” he says.

This is interesting to note that Hazrat Saeed Sahib known as Baba Ji in neighbourhood of Rawalpindi don’t watches TV channels or read newspapers. Most of his time in spent in his prayers.

A few months ago he detached himself from other fellows due to his spiritual inclination. Earlier anyone can find him in nearby places in his neighborhood whoever had wanted to learn from him the teachings of Sufism. However, since he has detached himself to great extent from others, it has become extremely difficult to find him nowadays.

He rarely appears on public places as mostly he prefers to keep himself engaged in his prayers in his small house where he lives along with his other family members.

He told Chronicler that it’s now a matter of a few months that Pakistan would be dragged into war by India which would have devastating effects on both neighbouring countries and after a lot of sacrifices and bloodshed Pakistan would emerge as victorious country after fighting a prolonged war.




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