Toshakhana gifts case

Toshakhana gifts case

Another case registered against Bushra Bibi, Imran Khan, and others for forging purchase receipts of Toshakhana gifts  

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Toshakhana gifts case: Another case of fraud has been registered against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, his wife Bushra Bibi and their close aides for allegedly preparing and submitting fake and forged receipts regarding Toshakhana gifts.

A case has been registered at the Kohsar Police Station against Imran Khan, former first lady Bushra Bibi, former accountability minister Shehzad Akbar, Zulfi Bukhari, Farah Gogi (a close aide of Bushra Bibi) and others for getting illegal benefits and for active collusion, connivance, by assisting, abetting, conspiring, and engaging with each other fraudulently by preparing and submitting forged documents of purchase of Toshakhana gifts.

The Toshakhana is a department under the administrative control of the Cabinet Division which stores precious gifts given to rulers, parliamentarians, bureaucrats, and officials by heads of other governments and states and foreign dignitaries.

In this fresh case Nasim Ul Haq is the complainant who is an employee of a shop situated at Gol Market, F-7, Jinnah Super.

Below is the transcript of the FIR which is registered at the police station against Imran Khan, his wife and others.

Subject: Application for Registration of FIR against Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi, Shehzad Akbar, Zulfi Bukhari, Farah and

Others, under Section 420, 467, 468 and 471 of the PPC 1860 Dear Sir, It is respectfully submitted that applicant is employee of business registered with name “Art of Time”, which deals with sale and purchase of expensive watches and located at Shop No. 18, Gol Market, F-7, Jinnah Super, Islamabad.

Accused mentioned in below pears in connivance with each other had committed fraud, forgery for the purpose of cheating and presented fake receipt of our business’s letter head wherein false receipt showing sale purchase of Gifts such as watch, cuff links which is fraudulently obtained from Toshakhana with false signatures was prepared, details of this whole criminal episode is mentioned herein below.

Mr Imran Khan former PM his wife Bushra Bibi, Mirza Shehzad Akbar, Zulfi Bukhari, Farah and others in collusion, connivance, by assisting, abetting, conspiring and engaging with each other fraudulently not only prepared, fake, forged receipts regarding Toshakhana Gifts such as watch, cuff links but also submitted/executed the same as genuine on which an independent verification is being conducted and the same has established these receipts as fake and forged. That the above act of forgery is also supported by the fact that we have time and again informed the concerned forum that above said receipt purportedly to be issued from our shop is false, fabricated and forged and never issued by the owner or any other person from the shop. Furthermore as per the record, no such transaction regarding sale and purchase of above-mentioned items has ever taken place with such nominated accused persons and neither the accused persons has sold us any such items nor such items were purchased by us in person or through any of our agent / associate or employees working at our business. This fact has clearly proved the fraud and forgery committed by the accused persons for which they are liable to be prosecuted and further role of each accused person may also be ascertained independently during the course of the investigation. Therefore, I kindly request that FIR be registered against the above mentioned accused persons.

Bushra Bibi, also known as Bushra Maneka, is the wife of Imran Khan, the former cricketer and current Prime Minister of Pakistan. She was born on August 8, 1968, in a conservative and religious family in Punjab, Pakistan.

Before her marriage to Imran Khan in February 2018, Bushra Bibi was known for her spiritual teachings and had gained a significant following as a spiritual healer and Sufi preacher. She is also reported to have influenced Imran Khan’s spiritual journey and played a role in his embrace of Islam more deeply.

Bushra Bibi is known for her modest and private lifestyle. After marrying Imran Khan, she took on the role of the First Lady of Pakistan. However, she has remained relatively low-profile and has not been involved in political activities or made public appearances as frequently as previous First Ladies.

During her time as the First Lady, Bushra Bibi has focused on philanthropic and social welfare activities. She has shown particular interest in supporting and promoting causes related to the welfare of women, children, and the underprivileged. She has visited and supported various charitable organizations and participated in events aimed at raising awareness about social issues.

Later on especially after toppling of the government of Imran Khan, Bushra Bibi has been part of many controversies, mostly revolving around Toshakhana’s gifts.

It is alleged that she has been selling gifts of Toshakhana which Imran Khan had received from the rulers of the other countries.







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