Why did Online Education take over Formal Education?

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Online Education as the Lastest Education System In the World


Online Learning has boosted the system of distance learning by a hundredfold. The most renowned and respected educational platforms around the globe have accepted and adopted the system of online education. There are a great many reasons why online learning has been welcomed as a revolution. Many students have also opted for the online education system just because it can be more convenient and manageable in most scenarios as compared to physical education. Rapid developments in modern tech have also paved a new way for education to flourish without the actual presence of a student. The following article discusses an in-depth analysis of Online Learning, and its pros and cons.


Why Online Education is Preferred for Learning?

Best Online Platforms For Learning In 2021

Students come from a wide variety of social, geographical, and financial situations. The conventional education system has not been built to facilitate each student to their utmost requirements. Some students live far away and they lack the time and expenses to travel to the campus daily. Other students are employed thus they can not spare time for studies during their working hours. Formal education may be too expensive for some students. In many scenarios, online education just surpasses formal education in terms of convenience and study adjustments.


Elements Involved in the Online Learning System

Online Learning Should Return to a Supporting Role - The New York Times

Online learning utilizes many different resources to facilitate the study of students. Study material such as journals, assignments, online tests, live classes, recorded lectures, review exercises, ebooks, and discussion forums are employed to benefit the students’ study in every possible way. The remote study method adopted in distance learning requires different resourceful study material since a lot of illustrative methods are needed.

Some educational platforms recommend purchasing physical books to enhance the study quality while some may provide student portals loaded will all the course material.


Delivery Method of Online Learning

The most beneficial feature of online learning is that a student can decide their study schedule. This is handy for managing employment hours, time zone differences, and various competing responsibilities. Students can attend online live classrooms from remote locations, sit recorded online lectures, and solve assignments that are submitted on the student portal and graded by teachers. Students also go through examinations ensuring complete grip on the course concepts. Students going through professional programs are regularly tested and their knowledge is assessed. These involve presentation creation, discussion forums, review exercises, and journal activities.


Myths Around Online Education

5 Myths of Online Learning

Even after the continuous development of the distance learning system, people remain skeptical of its authenticity. One major rumor about Online Education is that it did not manage to find a way to deal with cheating. During tests and exams, students are not allowed to cheat, as the software these exams are conducted on, does not allow them to access any other information source and students are continuously monitored through audio and video tracking devices. Another myth that surrounds virtual education is that the degree does not hold any validity in big institutes. This is also a false claim since online education is well sought out and provided by renowned and authentic education institutes that provide a bona fide degree.

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