Which countries will be visiting the moon in 2023?

Which countries will be visiting the moon in 2023?

By chronicler


There are a few countries who are planning to visit the moon in 2023 including our neighbouring country India and China while a dispute in Pakistan is expected to arise again on moonlighting matters, especially moon sighting for Ramazan and Shawal in 2023.

India is launching Chandrayaan 3 Programme: On the other hand, India is ready to launch its Chandrayaan 3 programme in June 2023 which aims to know more about the surface of the moon.

Russia and the US also in the race to about the moon in 2023: According to reports of a few media outlets, Russia is also planning to launch the Luna 25 mission in July 2023 to collect samples from the South Polar Region.

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will launch the Psyche spacecraft in 2023 to explore an asteroid called 16 Psyche, which is thought to be the remnant of an ancient planet in the Solar System, the media reports further suggest.

China, Turkey etc aiming to explore moon in 2023: China and Turkey are some other countries to explore more about the moon in 2023.

Pakistan stands nowhere to explore the moon: However, Pakistan stands no chance to explore the moon by sending spaceships on it as it would be busy with other issues pertaining to the moon.

Pakistan had announced in July 2019 that it would send the first astronaut into space by 2022.  The selection of candidates for this purpose during the previous year had been on cards by Pakistan.

However, any further development into this context is yet to see the light of the day. Perhaps interested candidates weren’t as resourceful for this purpose as was required.

The former Science and Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhry, who was leading this project from the front, nowadays is busy to highlight as to why the desired FIR wasn’t  registered against the culprits involved in the gun attack on Imran Khan. The priorities have been changed.

No astronaut of Pakistan into space yet: On the other hand, the incumbent government has some very serious issues to handle and all of these issues don’t belong to space.  So toppling of the PTI government in April 2022 has factually toppled the agenda of Pakistan to send its astronaut into space.

Moon sighting to continue to be a problem in 2023 for Pakistan: Generally it often happens in Pakistan that moon sightings remain an issue on two occasions. Firstly when the moon of Ramazan is being sighted by the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee and secondly when the same committee announces its verdict on moon sighting for the month of Shawal.

On both these moon sighting matters controversy arises as some different versions about moon sighting are adopted in a few areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

So there are chances that this year moon sightings would continue to be an issue on both these occasions.

Moon exploration in Pakistan metaphorically:  On the other hand the poet’s Pakistan would continue to describe the face of their darling as though it is a moon metaphorically.

They would continue to see their own moon in their own metaphoric world. As far as touching the surface of the moon is concerned as a result of some space mission, it seems quite out of bounds. The inflation level would continue to rise in the country and it would be sky touching in 2023. However, as this inflation level would have no limits so the moon surface would not be important for any Pakistani during the ongoing year.

The common folks would continue to explore inexpensive wheat flour during 2023 while most of the elite of it would be exploring venues of investment abroad.

Space mission for exploring the moon by Pakistan, seems to be off limits area and keeping in view the past track record it would continue to be off limits in years to come.



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