Where does Saudi gift of dates go?

Where does Saudi gift of dates go?

Pak Chronicle Report


Pakistan has received 150 tons of quality dates from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one needs to do research as where these gifted dates would be distributed.

As per media reports Pakistan received a gift of 150 tones quality Saudi dates.

Living up to its traditions, despite coronavirus pandemic, Saudi Arabia has gifted Pakistan 150 tones quality dates for consumption during the Holy month of Ramazan, the media reports state.

The gift has been consigned by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman as brotherly gesture and the same has been handed over by Saudi Ambassador in Pakistan Admiral (Retd) Nawaf bin Said Al-Maliki and director King Salman Relief Dr Khalid M Usmani to Pakistani representatives/officials.

The dates will be distributed among the needy in Pakistan and distribution will be done by the recipient government, the media reports suggest.

Almost every year Pakistani government receives this gift of dates from Saudi Arabia and these gifts are always in tones. However, little is known about its distribution among the needy persons, or at least the mega search engine of the globe, Google got little information about it.

This is pertinent to mention here that gift of dates on behalf of the Government of Saudi Arabia is a yearly regular feature.

The Chronicler believes that giving charity in secret has its own blessings and benefits as in such kind acts the dignity of a poor is not compromised. However, the rulers avoid this protocol when they hand a ration bag to poor. During ongoing spread of pandemic, coronavirus, Pakistani rulers may be seen on mainstream media while handing ration bags over to needy persons. Rulers are generally encircled by top bureaucrats, media persons and others during this philanthropist operation.

They do it openly and take it mandatory to send a photograph in this connection to mainstream media.

However, while distributing these gifted dates in needy persons either they obey topmost secrecy code or there are other factors which force them to make it a “secret mission”.







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