When MF Husain honoured KPC by painting for it

When MF Husain honoured KPC by painting for it

The KPC has a specialty to have MF Husain’s priceless painting

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Karachi Press Club (KPC), the Hyde Park of Pakistan and the symbol of freedom of expression in the country besides having other distinctions also got privilege to have a painting of MF Husain which is painted on a wall of it.

Maqbool Fida Husain better known as MF Husain in 90’s on his visit to KPC had painted a wall of the then conference hall of the club with oil paints. Now this room serves as TV Lounge for the members.

M F Husain was an Indian artist known for employing bold, vividly coloured narrative paintings in a modified Cubist Style. He was born on 17 September 1915 in undivided India and died on 9 June 2011 in Qatar.

He was one of the most celebrated and internationally recognized Indian artists of the 20th century who is believed to be the most expensive artist at auctions from the region.

The painting on the KPC’s wall by MF Husain carries symbolic subjects besides having calligraphic expression of well-known verse of Faiz Ahmed Faiz: Hum parwarish-e-lauh-o-qalam karte rahenge (We will continue to nurture the pen and ink).

It’s basically a motto of journalists who despite facing number of hardships continue to serve society. Come what may, they continue to inform people about developments which might affect their lives.

According to experts the painting of MF Husain on the wall of KPC is not only very unique but it is very difficult understand. One needs to be acquainted with the background of Husain to understand his work besides having know -how as what subject symbolizes what.

“MF Husain is still most expensive artist from the subcontinent at auctions,” stated Dr Syed Ali Wasif.

Dr Wasif who is himself a much acclaimed artist told this scribe that this particular masterpiece of Husain also carrying Zuljanah or horses which got its own  significance.

He said in the backdrop of tragedy of Karbala Zuljanah symbolizes a battle between good and evil.  The journalists continue to expose evil things from the society which is part of their job so this painting by the renowned painter is an attribution to journalistic work as well, he further stated.

Dr Wasif has the privilege to have met Husain during the lifespan of renowned Pakistani artist Sadequain.

Husain had paid him visit at Frere Hall in mid 80’s or around late eighties. Both Sadequain and Husain had special inclination towards or horse or Zuljanah   and both portrayed it with specific purposes, Dr Wasif states.

This scribe has also learnt that a few years back an art lover had also offered the KPC’s management around Rs50 million against this painting.

As it is painted on the wall and not on canvas, the art lover ideas was to get it cut from the wall expertly, without damaging it and afterwards repair the wall efficiently.

However, since the management of the club was well-aware of the worth of this unique painting so it refused this lucrative offer despite facing financial crunch at that time.

It’s basically a great treasure for KPC which continues to remind the members as what sort of responsibility they have taken on their shoulder besides getting acknowledgement of their work from a great artist.


Signature of Husain on the painting


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