Wearing lipstick banned in an AJK’s University

Wearing lipstick banned in an AJK’s University

Pak Chronicle Report

In a stunning move a university of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) has banned wearing of lipstick by its female students on its campus.

Institute of Education, the University of AJK, Chellah Campus, Muzaffarabad has placed a ban for its female students to put on lipstick. A female student who is found violating this exercise would be fine up to the tune of Rs100, the university in its circular stated.

“Female students are not allowed to put on lipstick. If seen they will be fined at the spot for Rs100, each time. Miss Musarat Kazmi is notified for the task,” stated the circular issued on January 21, 2020.

In recent past some universities in Pakistan issued circulars focusing dress codes for female and male students in its campuses. However, ban on wearing lipstick is first of its nature in any academia of the country.

A university in Lahore in March last year had announced a ban on wearing jeans on campus and imposed a dress code, violating which could attract a Rs5,000 fine.

In a directive, the Institute of Business and Management (IBM) of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) had the drafted dress code in which female students were supposed to wear a head scarf all the time on campus while sleeveless shirts, deep necks, tights, skinny jeans and capri pants were completely banned.

While, for the male students were supposed to dress in formal clothing which included wearing formal pants, shirt and coat. Moreover they were asked to wear ‘shalwar kameez’, on Friday.



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