Voters, Supporters and Rent-a-Crowd Option

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Pakistani political culture has already witnessed a lot of twists in the past and it is still changing. Many political parties surfaced on the panorama of the politics, some survived, some vanished and a few are still struggling to get popularity amongst the masses.

The voters and the supporters are believed to be the real assets of any political party. These are the workers who chant slogans in the favour of their leaders besides facing teargas, baton charge and other charges because they are ideologically motivated for a cause. They make a political party a political force in the country. Generally they never leave their party and stick to it no matter what the circumstance are.

The political culture in Pakistan continues to change because politics is also changing. New slogans and manifestos are enchanting public and voters psyche in some cases is also in the phase of transition.

A new phenomenon is emerging in the landscape of politics nowadays and it is that of ‘paid worker’ who grace some rally, political march, protest demonstration or political gathering when he/she is paid. Ideally a voter cast vote his favour of his party or a candidate whom he thinks perfect or bit acceptable to do the job of representing him in any House.

A supporter provides support to his party morally and physically but a promoter wants money to do his/her job. Actually nowadays the factor of promoters is also surfacing which may be a point of concern for the leadership of some political parties. A promoter would never do the required job unless he is paid or promise is made of payment against his/her participation in a political event.

Recently during Train March of Pakistan Peoples Party from Karachi to Larkana a video got very viral on social media in which a woman states that she was paid Rs200 by the chairman of Halani Town to become part of gathering at Mehrabpur Station which was supposed to welcome participants of the train march.

A reporter of a TV channel asks a woman how much she was paid and she says she was paid Rs200. The reporter than turns to  some other women and asks her that it is being heard that each one of them were paid Rs2,000 and they say its mere lie as the chairman  of Halani Town paid them only  Rs200 per head. Then the journalist asks another question pertaining to gifting of sugar bags for this purpose but the participants deny it and stress that they were given only Rs200 and nothing else.

Some political analysts believe that some political workers have become smart enough as they have realized that promises are rarely fulfilled and there is nothing wrong to earn some extra bucks against their participation in a political gathering.




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