Violence against journalists in Pakistan

Violence against journalists in Pakistan

A total of 42 journalists were killed in Pakistan during the last four years

By Chronicler


The Upper House of the Parliament, the Senate, was informed on Friday that a total of 42 journalists were killed in Pakistan during the last four years.

During the proceedings of the Senate, it was revealed that most journalists were killed in the largest province of the country, Punjab.

The last four years have been very difficult for the journalist community in the country and they continued facing target killing in Pakistan.

The target killing of journalists in Pakistan has been an issue which is generally highly criticized in the international community.

Caption: Veteran journalist Ahfaz ur Rehman being beaten up by the police in 2007 during a protest demonstration which was organized by the journalists in Karachi against imposition of state of emergency in Pakistan by General (Retired) Musharraf.

Meanwhile  according to the details provided to the Upper House of the Parliament, 15 journalists were killed in Punjab as part of violence against journalists in Pakistan.

Thirteen journalists were killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and three journalists were killed in Balochistan.

The second largest province, Sindh is third in the row with regard to the number of killing of the journalists as 11 journalists were killed in it during the stated period.

As far as action into this effect is concerned 26 accused were prosecuted in Punjab.

Two accused were recently arrested in the largest province of the country, two accused are on bail, five accused are under trial and five accused are absconders.

 Moreover three suspects were killed in police encounters and one was acquitted by the court. After the murder of 11 journalists in Sindh, action was taken against the same number of accused.

Four accused were arrested in Sindh and seven accused are under trial. In KPK, four suspects were arrested, two were acquitted, one is an absconder and six cases are pending.

In Balochistan, five accused were prosecuted for the murder of three journalists in the last four years, two accused escaped, one accused is under trial and one was sentenced.

Worldwide there has been a question mark with regard to the safety of journalists in Pakistan. Besides the issues pertaining to the safety of their lives, their livelihood means remain also at the risk. They were heavily laid off of journalists during the regime of Pakistan Tehreek-Insaaf’s government.

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