US Currency made Garlands Replacing Pak Rupee Garlands in Big Weddings

US$ Currency Garlands Replacing Pak Rupee Garlands in big Weddings

Tradition of currency notes garlands taking new turn as dollar garlands being introduced in rich weddings in Pakistan   

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Pakistani Rupee is facing serious challenges due to several factors against the US Dollar and the situation needs more dollars in reserves to handle the financial situation of the country.

However, there are big weddings of the persons with plenty of wealth in hands who are opting to place orders for dollar garlands to present them to bridegrooms.

Traditionally in desi weddings ready-made currency notes garlands are purchased from the flower shops to mark the event.

Earlier only the Pakistan currency notes were used for this purpose but a new aspect is emerging in this reference nowadays with emerging trend of placing orders for US dollars for making these garlands.

Majority of people still ask for currency garland of Pakistani rupee. They may ask for preparing these garlands with bank currency notes from lowest denomination to highest denomination. However, there are persons who nowadays would like to place orders for preparing currency notes garlands in which United States currency is used as decorating material besides other stuff.

Generally one dollar currency notes are used for preparing these garlands but they would be of higher denominations as well depending upon the financial condition of the buyers, stated a shopkeeper of flower shop in Rawalspindi.

Mainly fresh 500 currency notes are required for making an average currency note garland. The shopkeepers themselves acquire these notes and they charge Rs1200 per garland as their labour besides the actual worth of these currency notes from the buyers.

However, if it is question of US dollars then their charges get higher to Rs1500 as their labour for every currency garland.

The ongoing period is treated as a ‘season’ of marriages and flower shops do good business these days. “Generally from September to March every year the flower shops do good business but this year Coronavirus hampered these activities and their business suffered too. However, after the lockdown the business flourished again but once again some restrictions on marriage halls which have been imposed recently are posing some threats for the business,” stated an owner of flower shop.

Generally bridegrooms wear currency notes in their wedding ceremonies. It is also the matter of pride for many and these garlands are treated as symbol of pride and exaltation.


the picture of currency notes garland in Pakistan

Another picture of currency notes garland




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