Urs of Shah Di Tahliyan to end today

People belonging to all walks of life have been paying visiting to the Mazar in five days Urs’ festivities

By Chronicler

A picture by Pak Chronicle of various sweet stalls at the shrine


The cultural festivities of five-day Urs of renowned Sufi, Shah Jahan Muhammad Badshah known as Shah Di Taliyan will end today (Sunday) after observing a lot of activities which were performed with a lot of enthusiasm.

During these five days Urs hundreds of visitors have been daily paying visit to the shrine of the saint situated at Committee Chowk, Rawalpindi.

Dozens of Mehfils of Qawalis took place at the shrine and other performers also took part in various other rituals. The drumbeaters have been drumming their drums throughout these five days and people belonging to all walks of life have been paying visit to the shrine to pay homage to the Sufi saint.

The sweet-sellers displayed their different kinds of sweets on various stalls alongside the footpath and the visitors have been buying these sweets and distributing it amongst the visitors.

People clad in orange dress, who are generally known as Malang or Darwesh kept their temporary dwelling at the premises of Mazar or shrine throughout this period.

The phrase ‘Shah Di Tahliyan’ is perhaps taken from the trunks of Sheesham trees which are lying in front of the shrine from the period unknown.

These dry trunks of trees have several cavities which are filled with mustard oil. The visitors massage their heads with this oil and fill little bottles with it to take it to home. This oil is believed to be cure of several skin related issues. No one knows as when these trunks were placed or fell over here on the ground.

Every year the ‘Urs’ is celebrated of this Sufi Saint and Lungar is distributed amongst the masses. The word Urs got its own meaning in the terminology of mysticism. Urs literally means ‘wedding’ but in mysticism its death anniversary of a Sufi saint which is held at saint’s Dargah or shrine every year.






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