Urdu Newspapers with English titles Face the Axe


Letter of the government of Pakistan in response to renewal of registration of a newspaper in which the publisher has been asked to apply for Urdu title for his publication

Urdu Newspapers having English titles likely to cease to exist

By Chronicler


The new media policy of the incumbent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) led government would further dent the already suffering media industry as dozens of newspapers including some mainstream publications wouldn’t be able to publish with their current titles.

Reportedly the government has asked all the newspapers which have English titles but they’re published in Urdu language to change their names accordingly if they want to continue publishing their respective newspapers.

This is pertinent to mention here that after every three years the publishers are required to apply for renewal of registration for their respective publications.

A publisher in Karachi on April 16 was informed by Ministry of Information, Government of Pakistan to seek new title/name in Urdu for his daily publication which got English title but it’s published in Urdu.

“This is to inform you that your request for renewal of registration certification cannot be acceded and you are advised to seek new title/name in Urdu,” the publisher was informed in response to his request for renewal of registration of his publications.

This communique put the publisher in panic and he rushed to relevant office in Karachi to inquire as why he is being denied the renewal of his newspaper. He was informed that all the Urdu newspapers having English names/titles have been informed to change the names of their publication into Urdu titles if they want to continue with this business.

There are number of mainstream newspapers which got English titles but they’re published in Urdu. This new media policy of the government is likely to affect all these papers. Either they would be required to print newspapers in English, as their titles of publications suggest or they should apply for Urdu names for their publication.

According to sources in media industry some large publications may be severely affected due to this new initiative of the incumbent government. There are some newspapers which have English titles and they’re published from different cities but they carry their publications in Urdu. These publications would mostly be badly hurt due to the new policy. Brining the newspaper into the market with   the new name would severely affect their already established business and same would be case if they want to maintain English title and start publishing their publications in English.

According to sources in Press Information Department there are around  40,000 publications across the country out of  which  some  are dailies , a few fortnightly, some weeklies and a few publications are also  published  on yearly basis. This is learnt that the mechanism of the government pertaining to Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) does not have proper mechanism to assess as how many publications are regularly printed and how many not.






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