Uneaten Samosas of a Unique Wedding Ceremony- A Short Story

Uneaten Samosas of a Unique Wedding Ceremony- A Short Story

By Qadeer Tanoli

It was an exhausting day for the participants of a wedding ceremony in Karachi although the weather was quite pleasant because of rainfall in the parts of city on the seventh of July.

The five-member Barat of the bridegroom were little bit frightened on account of unexpected turn of events which might occur in this ceremony. The most terrified and exhausted was the bridegroom himself who was wearing battered paint and shirt. His old shoes were without polish and presenting a castoff look.

However, the worn out bridegroom was least concerned about his look at the moment and so were his friends who had come over here along with him to attend his Nikah ceremony.

The wedding ceremony procession consisted of only five members besides the bridegroom. The attendees had prepared themselves to face any untoward situation during the event.

As all the participants of ceremony on behalf of the bridegroom were basically trade union activists so they were exchanging words on recent developments which were affecting the labourers in this or that way. Actually it was an attempt to get away from the sensitivity of the situation which they were facing.

Prior to taking them to his wedding ceremony the bridegroom had told them that this marriage was supposed to be an unlike marriage. He was of the view that he might be scolded by his father-in-law on this occasion as well and there were strong chances that instead of tying the knots he would be tied up with ropes to teach him another lesson for falling in love with a girl with whom he had no commonalities of whatsoever.

Earlier a participants had asked the bridegroom whether his likely father-in-law believed in physical violence as well. Actually the trade union activist by throwing this question had wanted to plan a strategy to tackle the situation as other invited trade union activists were in their 50’s or 60’s and they were not in position at all to face any physical torture.

The bridegroom assured him that it would not be the case but other unlike things might occur during the event. “I fear I would be questioned as why I turned up here and for what purposes. I may be rejected as the bridegroom because the groom’s father dislikes me to the core of his heart,” the bridegroom explained.

The participants were surprised to see around 24 samosas which were served to them by the hosts. However, they paid least attention towards these samosas and kept their focus on the matter involving the Nikah ceremony and they kept discussing labourers’ issues in the country.

Discussing workers’ issues in a wedding ceremony seemed to be a deliberate method on their behalf to keep their minds engaged somewhere else instead to keep thinking what actually was going to happen with the bridegroom. Circumstances were apparently extraordinary as none of them had participated in a wedding ceremony like it.

Contrary to expectations of the guests, luckily the Nikah ceremony took place and the bridegroom’s friends congratulated him for tying the knot successfully.

They got up from the seats as soon as the Nikah ceremony was over. They started walking downstairs and the served 24 samosas remained unattended and uneaten in the large dish. No one knows what happened with these samosas afterwards as Karachi’s humid environment in the month of July never allows perishable edibles to stay edible for quite a period especially in gloomy hours.






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