Traders doing business in Raja Bazar in lockdown

Traders doing business in Raja Bazar in lockdown

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A few traders in violation of lockdown protocol have started doing business in Raja Bazar and the authorities concerned seems to be playing the role of deaf and dumb in this context.

A few shops in Nanakari Bazar (Raja Bazar) which is known for its firework items besides other merchandise

A view of Kashmir Bazar in lockdown, Picture by Rasheed Ahmad 

s like toys for children, cigarettes, grocery items etc are doing business despite the fact that coronavirus is playing havoc with the lives of the citizens and there is need to adopt precautionary measures to avoid its spread.

Majority of the traders are still following the government directives by keeping their shops closed. However, some shopkeepers in the market have opted to do business.

Almost there is same position of some shops in

Another view of Nankari Bazar in lockdown. Picture by Rasheed Ahmad  

Kashmiri Bazar. This is pertinent to mention here that Raja Bazar is the most congested and hub of trading in Rawalpindi where in routine days even it’s difficult to walk on footpaths due to traffic congestion and large number of customers’ presence.

However after the outbreak of coronavirus in Pakistan lockdown was implemented which was later on relaxed by the government. A few sectors which have low-ricks were allowed to work while ensuring safety measures.

Punjab government recently had extended lockdown in the province till 25th of April while deciding to immediately re-open the low-risk sectors by ensuring implementation of Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Decision to this effect was taken at a high-level meeting presided over by Chief Secretary Punjab Major (Retired) Azam Suleman Khan.

Chief Secretary had announced that the lockdown in the province would continue till 25th of April and keeping in view financial problems of daily wagers decision had been taken to open several low-risk sectors including chemical industries, IT companies, individual shops (Standalone) of plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tailors, veterinary services, and offices of real estate and property dealers.




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