TikToker Nutter Don arrested in Mirpur

TikToker Nutter Don arrested in Mirpur

By Chronicler


Police of Mirpur, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) has finally arrested Tiktoker Malik Ambar Azam who is also known as Nutter Don on the charges of spreading obscenity on the social media platforms.

He is facing charges of spreading vulgarity on short-video platform Tiktok following a lot of complaints by the netcitizens.

The police station registered the case against him under the Cyber Crime Act. The nutter don is facing charges under the sections of the cybercrime act which deal with the spreading of vulgarity on the internet.

Dadyal Police Station in Mirpur district of Azad Kashmir arrested Malik Ambar on the orders of the SSP Irfan Saleem.

There are many people who are lauding this action of the police and they are making morality as the ground for their appreciation. Meanwhile there are many netcitizens who are criticizing the move of the police and they have their own reasons to defend their viewpoint.

His arrest is the result of the public demand for expressing an abusive language on the social media platform.

He is facing allegations of talking disgracefully to people on the widely popular social media app. The accused in the case was using the ID of Nutter on the social media app.

The TikTok star was famously known by his username, @onlynutters, which had over thousands of followers and his were liked by many people.

Generally he used to address women on the famous App and pass vulgar remarks during conversation with them.

It is learnt that before transforming into a person like it, he was a quite a well-mannered person who was very careful in his public conversation.

Later on he developed into a personality which was focusing on exploiting sex related matters especially of the women who were in contact with him.

The tiktoker is the resident of Khadimabad, Dadyal, Mirpur AJK. After receiving complaints in this connection, SSP Raja Irfan Saleem issued directives to SHO PS Dadyal, Adnan Sabar. After which the police arrested the Nutter Don and initiated further proceedings against him.

According to the sources in the police, the police have recovered a large number of videos having vulgar contents from him. The photos were also recovered from him which have indecent visuals.

According to the initial investigation into the case, the accused has been to the UK for a very long period. Around four months ago, he moved to his native area in AJK.


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