The Magic of Converting Elephants into Rats


Some claim children are still being made rats but caretakers of shrine deny

By Zaib Azkaar Hussain


The practice of controlling brains of weak human to exploit them physically and immaterially is not a new phenomenon.

The past history of mankind is evident that the ordinary man had to endure great hardships either by being treated slave or as scapegoat for some sacrificial purposes under one or another pretexts.

A regrettable aspect of all this exploitation was that the general people were trapped with fake idea of ‘goodness’ behind the exploitation and victimization. Even the trapped families and individuals remained crippled for a long time.

They never thought to question the act of exploitation or victimization on the part of the influential individuals, groups or forces because of some factors. Either they were threatened or they were tempted with other bounties.

Another tragic posture was that even states and governments were tempted with some bounties and other unwritten agreements that had a message that not to interfere if desired to run the affairs of the respective governments smoothly.

In Pakistan at times the private prisons were run by some powerful and influential individuals and groups of people to use the detained farmers and workers to cultivate agricultural land and to do other heavy deeds for some factories. As and when these elements were exposed, a stern action was taken against them by arresting and trying them before the court of law.

Since the factor of questioning and resisting the imposed tactics of exploitation remained unattended, a system of exploitation in the name of beliefs and other immaterial benefits made most of its opportunities.

In other words a law of jungle prevailed that use to make ‘elephants’ as ‘rats’ and convert favourite ‘rats’ into ‘elephants’. There have been two laws and two spheres; one would run under the law of jungle and another would deal according to the man-made laws. Let me cite an example of a recently published Urdu novel titled ‘Shehre Be-mehr’ written by Hasan Javaid wherein a character of underworld ‘Hataila’ seems to be very mighty and powerful.

He has no fears of anything and can achieve any goals (he desires) by his power and influence but he cannot listen to a single word against a relatively weak man (called ‘Abba’) for the man is a source of inspiration to him. He receives several complaints against the corrupt and pervert man (‘Abba’) but remains unmoved. He cannot even imagine that ‘Abba’ who during the days of childhood had taken care of a deserted ‘Hataila’ could be a fraud and cheat one.

Interestingly ‘Abba’ himself backed ‘Hataila’ to choose a negative way to live life but because of his small ‘bounties’ and fake caring style made him like a hero in the eyes of ‘Hataila’ who is a gang leader but his mind is still being controlled by a powerless man.

Now ‘Abba’ is not ruling practically but he has all powers as he has control over the mind of ‘Hataila’ and this mesmerized character can go to any extreme for appeasing the villain of the novel’s story. In a way he has been made a rat while he has energy of an elephant in allegorical terms.

In the case of rats of Shah Dola an unbelievable story is described that Shah Dola claimed to be a saint who moved to Gyujrat in Aurangzeb’s era and persuaded some issueless and incapable women to make them fertile. As the poor women got excited on this news they were trapped by asking to donate their first born baby to the shrine in order to make them ‘rats’ by deforming their heads by iron caps. The poor children were tortured physically by using iron caps and the poor women were directed not to inquire about their missing children.

The trapped families had no way out but to donate their first child as they were threatened that in case of failure or running of the commitment to donate the first born baby, the rest of their children would become disabled.

A clear purpose of making children to be so-called rats was to earn money and other financial benefits by making them baggers. The negative profession of beggary got promoted in this way too.

In present times, the followers and caretakers of the shrine denied to have any children treated inhumanly but production of same so-called rats is on and one any governments has ever taken up the matter seriously. The practicing doctors and health experts deny the natural birth of such ‘rats’, saying handicapped and disabled children were born but it was very rare that a woman has born such a ‘natural rat’.. A very regrettable aspect of the story is that such ‘rats’ are now seen in almost all the major cities and they cannot be linked only with the ‘rats’ of Shah Dola as they are being seen at some shrines in various cities. In Karachi some people are using them for beggary by pleading that they were ‘special rats’ and their ‘prayers’ could work as ‘bounty’ for those suffering from hardships etc.

A human being is above of any examples of elephant or rate or any animals and it would be ironical to treat them like an animal but the vested interests have imposed their will to treat them the animal or robot of their choices.

The constitution of this country (Article 14) undertakes the dignity of human being adding that “The dignity of man and, subject to law, the privacy of home, shall be inviolable.”

The sub clause of this Article states “No person shall be subjected to torture for the purpose of extracting evidence.”


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