The Dangerous Escape

The Dangerous Escape- a story for kids

By Zeenat Iqbal Hakeem

Once I went to Murree, where climbed a small mountain. On the other side of the mountain the scenery was beautiful. In the middle of some trees, I saw a hut and smoke was coming from it.

Then I went towards the hut and looked in the window. I looked all around and saw no one except some tools and a pot of some food on the fire besides some other things of domestic use.

On impulse I thought that I should go inside and look around. I went to the door and tried to open it. Luckily it was open. I went in and began exploring the place,

I was trying to be as quiet as I could. In one drawer I saw some white powder. I couldn’t make out what was it. So I took one out; closed the drawer and put the packet in my pocket. I knew that .this was stealing but I had badly wanted to know what was in the packet.

Suddenly I heard voices and when I looked around, I saw an empty barrel big enough to fit me in. I got in the barrel and stayed there.

When the men came in, I saw that there were only two. They sat on the chairs beside the table. One of the men got up and brought the plates and the pot of food. They started eating the meal while chatting with each other. As they were talking, I noticed that one of them talked a little about Heroin. On hearing this I knew that the packet I had in my pocket was filled with Heroin.

As I tried to move slightly in the barrel, it fell on the ground. One of the men quickly ran towards the barrel and found me. I knew I was in big trouble.

He quickly took me out and asked me what I was doing over there. I told him about my curiosity about emission of smoke from the room. However, I deliberately avoided mentioning drawer related matter.

During this process of grilling I made a major mistake and told the person that I have listened what they have talked.

This revelation made him to grab me forcefully and other person took out a piece of cloth out of his pocket and I had no idea as what he had wanted to do with it.

I tried to get out of this horrible situation but I couldn’t make myself free from the clutches of these two strong men. The other man quickly put the cloth on my nose, and mouth. I then realized that it was some sort of medicine. After a while I fainted!

When I opened my eyes again, I was amazed to notice that I was on a boat along with these two men besides observing that I was tied up. One of the men rowed the boat and after a while we reached at a deserted island with only birds around. They took me out of the boat and marched towards a cave like thing. After getting into it they took me downstairs and I noticed a beam of light at the bottom of the cave.

Actually it was a room which was packed with boxes. They rested over there for a while and then threw me to another room and after untying ropes around my body they locked the door from outside.

I started thinking escape plan and noticed a small window in the room. I looked through it and noticed steep slope. I had no tool to climb down from the window.

I was tired and I went to sleep. The next day I woke up very early. I began to think of a way, to escape. I thought many ways, but suddenly I saw the rope lying aside. I got a plan. I took the rope and threw it out of the window. Luckily it reached the ground. I tied the other end of it to a big rock. Then I started to climb down. I safely reached the ground and started running towards the direction of the boat.    As I got nearer to the boat, I heard voices. My heart sank, but I quickly conceived a plan I took a rock and threw it on the deck.

My captors thought they there was someone on the deck and they started searching it. When they were inside of boat deck I locked the door and started rowing the boat towards the direction where we had come from. After reaching my destination I approached the police station and narrated my story.

They arrested my captors and eventually a racket of heroin supply was nabbed by law enforcers.

Meanwhile the police also informed my parents about my whereabouts who were in miserable condition due to my sudden disappearance. They came to the police station and they were indeed very jubilant when they learnt about my role that led to arrest of heroin suppliers.

Next day newspapers carried my heroic story in their publications besides printing my picture along with my parents.


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