Taliban bans contraception in two cities

Taliban bans contraception in two major cities

Taliban bans contraception calling its use as a ‘western conspiracy’

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Some media reports suggest that the Taliban have banned contraception in two major cities of Afghanistan on the grounds that it is a western conspiracy to control Muslim population.

According to these reports Taliban local commanders have stopped the sale of contraceptives in two cities.

They have ordered the pharmacies to clear their shelves of birth control medicines, including the condoms.

A picture having contraception items. Picture taken from the internetThe Guardian has reported that the Taliban commanders recently conducted door to door drive and asked the midwives and pharmacies to stop selling contraception medicines.

They also ordered pharmacies’ owners to clear their shelves of any kind of contraceptives.

Pharmacies in capital city Kabul have been their target and they asked the pharmacies’ owners not to sell these products anymore.

The local  Taliban commanders are of the view that having contraception items in pharmacies is an unnecessary job.

They have put a ban on the sale of Depo-Provera injection and other items and the pharmacists are not sure what they would do with the existing stocks of the birth control pills etc.

According to the Western media it is the latest attack on women’s rights since Taliban took control of Kabul in August 2021.

First they closed doors for higher education for girls, put a ban on universities’ education for women, forced the feminine gender to quit their jobs besides restricting them to their homes.

The health care experts believe that banning contraceptives would be a blow to women’s health in the existing fragile health care system.

According to some media reports and medical research one in every 14 Afghan women dies of causes related to pregnancy and it is one of the most dangerous countries in the world when it comes to giving birth.

However, there is no official statement from the Taliban’s Ministry of Public Health in Kabul about the matter yet.

Mufti Tariq Masood, a renowned Islamic scholar is of the view that methods to avoid pregnancy is not a sin but not a likeable practice.

He is of the view that the contraceptive pills are too dangerous for women’s health on medical grounds as it may cause cancer in women especially the breast cancer.

While commenting on the use of condoms to avoid pregnancy he has made a comment: “This is a very poor in taste example to give but I have to give it to you to explain the matter. For instance, you put a plastic sheet on your tongue and start chewing some food. Would it be a natural thing? Whenever something is put on the tongue, a chain reaction takes place, which is required for the digestion process. Nature has designed a thing along with its due requirement. You can have a meal twice or thrice by putting a plastic cover on the tongue but what would be the consequences of having meals this way for 20 times or more. Ultimately the stomach would stop functioning.”



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