Swedish embassy temporarily closes services

Swedish embassy temporarily closes services

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Swedish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan has temporarily closed its services for the visitors on account of current security situation in Islamabad.

“Due to the current security situation in Islamabad, the Embassy of Sweden is closed for visitors. The Migration Section is not, at the moment, able to handle requests of any kind. We cannot send any documents to our consulates, Gerry´s, or your home address,” stated the website of Swedish embassy on April 5.

It also highlighted its understanding that this move will cause inconvenience.

“However, the safety of our applicants and staff members are of highest priority. We cannot answer any questions regarding re-opening at the moment.  If you have questions regarding your case please contact the Migration Agency,” it further stated.

Previously on February 10, the embassy had announced to close its services for visitors and assured them that as soon as the embassy can welcome visitors again, it will be announced on the official website of the embassy. In the same communique of February 10 it was advised to contact the embassy via email: ambassaden.islamabad@gov.se.

Moreover, for questions related to Visa/Migration, the embassy had asked to contact the embassy at the following address: ambassaden.islamabad-visum@gov.se.


Sweden, located in Northern Europe, is a country known for its stunning natural beauty, progressive politics, and high quality of life. With a population of just over 10 million people, it is the largest of the Nordic countries and has a long and fascinating history.

Sweden has a strong social welfare system, which provides universal healthcare, affordable childcare, and free education for all. This has helped the country achieve one of the highest standards of living in the world, with a high level of happiness and satisfaction among its citizens.

The country’s capital city, Stockholm, is often considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a mix of medieval architecture and modern design. It is situated on 14 islands and is surrounded by water and forests, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and boating.

Sweden is also known for its commitment to sustainability and the environment. The country has set ambitious goals to become carbon neutral by 2045 and has made significant investments in renewable energy sources such as wind and hydropower. Additionally, the country has implemented strict environmental regulations to protect its natural resources, such as the Right of Public Access, which allows anyone to roam freely in nature and collect berries, mushrooms, and flowers.

Sweden is also a country of innovation, with a strong startup culture and a thriving tech industry. The country has produced some of the world’s most successful tech companies, including Spotify, Skype, and Klarna. It is also home to a vibrant gaming industry, with companies such as King (the creator of Candy Crush) and Mojang (the creator of Minecraft) hailing from Sweden.

Sweden is a culturally rich country, with a long history of literature, art, and music. Some of the country’s most famous artists include painters Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn, and musicians ABBA, Roxette, and Max Martin. Additionally, Sweden is home to the Nobel Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to science, literature, and peace.

Despite its many achievements, Sweden faces its own set of challenges. The country has seen an increase in crime in recent years, particularly in urban areas. There has also been a rise in political polarization, with the far-right Sweden Democrats gaining popularity in recent elections.

Overall, Sweden remains a country that values progress, equality, and innovation. Its commitment to social welfare, sustainability, and human rights make it a model for other countries to follow. As Sweden continues to evolve and face new challenges, it is clear that its people will continue to prioritize the well-being of their citizens and the environment.

Pakistani diaspora in Sweden: There is a significant Pakistani diaspora in Sweden, with estimates suggesting that there are around 60,000 Pakistanis living in the country. This has helped to facilitate cultural exchanges between the two countries, with events such as Pakistani cultural festivals and Swedish-Pakistani business forums being held regularly.

Overall, the relationship between Sweden and Pakistan has been characterized by cooperation and mutual respect, with both countries working together to promote peace and development in the region.

Sweden time

Sweden and the United States have several time zones, so the time difference between the two countries can vary depending on which part of each country you are comparing.

In general, Sweden is 6 hours ahead of the East Coast of the United States (e.g. New York, Washington D.C.), 7 hours ahead of the Central Time Zone (e.g. Chicago, Houston), 8 hours ahead of the Mountain Time Zone (e.g. Denver), and 9 hours ahead of the Pacific Time Zone (e.g. Los Angeles, San Francisco).

For example, if it is 12:00 pm (noon) in New York, it would be 6:00 pm in Stockholm, Sweden. However, please note that these time differences can change during daylight saving time, which is not observed at the same time in both countries.








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