Suicide  mystery of Tunisha Sharma

Suicide  mystery of Tunisha Sharma

By Chronicler


Still mystery surrounds around the alleged suicide of young TV actress Tunisha Sharma who lost her life in circumstances which set off a storm in mainstream and social media.

A 21 years old TV star Tunisha Sharma was found dead in a washroom on the set of a Hindi drama serial. She was working as an actress on the set of a TV show named ‘Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul.’

Sharma’s boyfriend bail adjourned: Her family is accusing that Tunisha Sharma didn’t commit suicide but she was killed. Her former boyfriend Sheezan Khan has been arrested in this case while his bail request plea has been adjourned by a local court till January 13. He is facing charges of abetment to suicide which have been leveled against him by the legal heirs of the deceased actress.

However, he denied these charges and filed a petition of bail in the court of law which would be heard again on January 13.

Police claim Tunisha Sharma took her life: A senior police official Chandrakant Jadhav had informed the media persons that Sharma took her own life, and that they were investigating what led her to do so.

The young actress’ death shocked the showbiz industry of India and her death had caused a storm throughout India. She had a massive fan following on social media platforms where she used to share her thoughts about her. Before her death she had posted a photo of her on Instagram which was carrying a caption: ‘those who are driven by their passion don’t stop.’ She had seemed very positive in her post in which there was no hint of any sort that she would take her life herself.

Since her death several media houses carried news items about her in which they minutely discussed her life and analyzed the factors which had led to her tragic end of her life.

After her death there have been a lot of accessions and claims about the tragedy which need verification by the investigation agency.

Previously the suicides of other actors of showbiz industry of India has also been widely discussed on media.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case: More recently on 14 June 2020, Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead, hanging from the ceiling fan at his home in Bandra, Mumbai.

He was just 34 years old and the cause of death was ruled to have been suicide. Generally the people believe that stars of showbiz industry live a very happy life. They have a massive fan following and people try to copy their style. However, there have been cases which suggest that the things aren’t which they seem apparently on the surface.

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