Suicide Cases Rise as the Poor Can not Afford to Pay Electricity Bills Anymore

Suicide Cases Rise as the Poor Can not Afford to Pay Electricity Bills Anymore

The Government recently approved the increase in electricity unit price, upon which the unit now costs 50Rs. An applicant in Lahore has filed against the electricity price hike in the Supreme Court Lahore Registry, on behalf of a local lawyer Advocate Mudassar Chaudhry.


New Electricity Price Criteria Per Unit

Relief announced for Islamabad electricity consumers amid protests -  Pakistan Observer

This immediate and unprecedented price inflation of electricity rates has forced the poor of the country to commit suicide. This has posed a severe issue for the entire country as the overall morale of Pakistani Citizens has fallen. On July 22, a bill was passed which permitted an increase of electricity unit price by 7.50Rs. A set of rules was also introduced according to which consumers using up to 100 units will be charged a tariff of 16.48 Rs per unit, consumers using up to 200 units will charged a tariff of 22.95 Rs per unit, and this price keeps on increasing with every 100 unit consumption.


Protests Around the Country Due to Public Hate

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The country is witnessing a large number of protests in different areas by frustrated Pakistanis who can’t afford to pay electricity bills. Various kinds of anger outbursts have reached the eyes of the media. A few people in Karachi beat up a lineman who came to cut the electricity connection of a poor civil who wasn’t able to pay the bills. Many more people decided to entirely cut off the facility of electricity considering it a luxury that they could not afford. Another incident that came to notice was hundreds of electricity bills being burned to the ground as a sign of protest. Jamaat-e-Islami has organized over 200 protests in Karachi to demonstrate dissatisfaction with electricity price hike.


These protests and public hate have led to national instability. Public anger towards the new tax policies introduced by the Government in electricity bills causes unrest and a general sense of hopelessness. The poor can not find a way around this situation as their struggle continues.

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