Students boycott & protest against ban on cheating in exams

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By Chronicler


Students of Government Degree College Mithi on Thursday in a rare sort of event boycotted the examination of intermediate to lodge protest against ban to use cheating material in the examination hall.

The examinations of first and second year of intermediate classes are currently underway in Sindh and as students of Mithi Degree College were not allowed to use cheating material in the examination hall so they besides boycotting the exams also chanted slogans against the system which is not allowing them to cheat.

This has become common practice in most parts of the Sindh Province that students openly do cheating in the examination and this practice generally go unchecked as it has political  and financial aspects. The authorities concerned have accepted this phenomenon of committing cheating in the exams as a normal practice and as a trend.

However, during the last matriculation examinations a lot of videos went viral on social media in which students were using cellular phones to commit cheating in the examination halls in various parts of the province.

The Education Minister of Sindh, Sardar Shah had faced a lot of criticism on mainstream media due to his failure to control the trend of cheating in exams.

Afterwards during intermediate exams the authorities concerned took strict measures to control cheating in the examination halls. It was decided to form vigilance committees to monitor and to control activities in this connection. Moreover, it was also decided to arrest superintendents of or invigilators of exams if they are found guilty of allowing cheating at their respective exams centres.

To make these measures work, the cellular phones and other cheating materials were confiscated from the students at several centres.

However, the students of Mithi were not expecting this treatment and when they were not allowed to use  cellular phones and other supporting material to commit cheating in the exam they boycotted it to lodge their protest in this regard.

Meanwhile most of the students of a college of District Khairpur during the test of English paper merely copied the question paper multiple times on their answer sheets as they were unable to write anything else on it because of strict measures against cheating. This is learnt that this trick may be helpful for them to get some marks after entering into deal with authorities concerned.

Handing over blank answer-sheets to examiners were of no use so they copied questions on the answer-sheets to keep open chances of getting required marks against payment of gratification money.

Meanwhile a senior examiner, a professor of a college was arrested by police in Sukkur as he could not implement directives against cheating in his jurisdiction.

In old days superintendent of examination was authorized to cancel the paper of any student who was found involved in cheating and the authorities concerned had the mandate to disqualify as such students for the period of two years on ground of using of unfair means (UMF) in the exams. However, things have changed a lot and students may protest like students of Mithi Degree College if they’re not allowed to do use unfair means in the exams.


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